October 10, 2011

Getting Cozy in My Studio

So I showed you bits and pieces of my updated studio a few months ago. Now I am in the "nesting" phase of decorating this room. Nathan and I decided that a couch I reupholstered years ago needed a new home, so I happily moved it to my studio!

Then, inspired by this frame cluster I featured over the summer, I hung a bunch of extra frames and embroidery hoops above the couch. I haven't had a chance to paint the frames yet (these bright colors were from a craft show last year), nor have I placed proper art in them (see wedding photo hung sideways).

I really really love my new cozy spot in my studio. Now, Violet can come in and sit and color while I work, or I can catch a few zzz's while no one is looking. I still need to fix the cushions, as they are currently covered by an old green sheet (love my dogs and their ability to ruin cushions!).

So I need to recover the couch cushions.
And reupholster the girl's new chair.
And figure out Holloween costumes.
And plan Violet's birthday party.

All before giving birth.

Good grief! Good thing I am a girl who likes to stay busy :)