March 30, 2011

sneak peek: critter crushing

Hello friends! I have been slowly working on some new items for the little Gingiber Shop. Expect a shop update Mid April with prints and other goodies!

Here are 3 new prints that were originally custom orders for a nursery. 

The gal who commissioned them said I could go ahead and list them in my shop (what a sweetheart!)

What do you think? I am slowly completing an entire alphabet of Gingiber critters!

March 28, 2011

Guilty Little Secret

Yes, I have something to show you (other than my bangs need a MAJA trim folks)....

My Name is Stacie, and I am a closeted slob. That's right. This is a picture of our spare bedroom/my office/dungeon of yellow doom. I actually print and package everything in this sloppy little hole. Everything from the bright yellow paint (yes I chose that color years ago in a heightened state of pregnancy brain) to the botched uneven curtains makes me crazy! 

I like to keep it real here on the blog, so I figured the best way for me to jump start an extreme room makeover would be to post the before pictures. That way you can stay on my tail about getting this room into fighting shape! I mean really! It is not functional at all. And we never have house guests. Plus the rest of our house is pretty darn cute (if you ask me) so this room deserves to match!

So will you all help me stay accountable to get this room looking all sorts of posh within 2 months time?


March 26, 2011

Saturday Stamp Making

It is bunny season, with Easter right around the corner. So I decided to have some bunny inspiration and carve a rabbit stamp using a rubber block and linoleum cutting tools (all found at hobby lobby).

It started with a drawing.

Which I then redrew onto the rubber block with a sharpie.

Then I started carving away at the negative space.

Finally I stamped the rubber block into a little ink pad and pressed it onto paper!

Voila! Instant bunny stamp! Normally I would have drawn the original image as a mirror image so that the bunny would be facing the other direction, but this was a Saturday fun project so it was no big deal!

Have a lovely Saturday,


March 24, 2011

mirror mirror on the wall

Remember back in January when I posted about changing the art above my couch and moving this mirror?

Well, part II has been accomplished. I moved the mirror last week over my kitchen table. I think it fills the space nicely!

Here's a view of the messy table with the mirror above it. I really like this angle of our house, because it feels so open and you get a nice little splash of color!

On a separate note, I still LOVE my chalk board walls! People often comment that with black walls you'd think that the space would feel small and dark. But the cheery banana yellow curtains with sunlight streaming through really makes the space feel homey!

I will be sure to update you all this weekend when I have the artwork above my couch all finished up!


March 22, 2011

Springtime Fresh Dutch Door Press

I love Etsy's Suggested Shop Feature! Otherwise who knows how long it would have taken me to find the lovely Dutch Door Press Shop!

Their shop page describes Dutch Door as "two friends, two antique printing presses, a bunch of ink and a whole lot of paper". I personally love their Scandinavian inspired Tea Towels (they are perfect, no?).

This shop is filled with elegant colorways, vintage styled letterpress prints, and the loveliest designs influenced by nature! I simply adore their State Bird letterpress (see I even included the Arkansas Bird in this showcase)!

Product Links

Survey Time!

Hi friends! I'm here with a little lunchtime blog post. As you may have noticed, my little blog has been lacking in the posting department. My frequency has dropped off a tad, and frankly I really want to reinvigorate my content so that it will be a more enjoyable experience for you, the reader!

With that in mind, would you mind filling out a brief 5 question survey for me to help me improve GingiberSnap?

Thanks so much, friends! I will be back later tonight with a new little blog post!


March 21, 2011

Gingiber Named Top Shop for Nursery Decor by Babble

Okay. I've stopped hyperventilating with happiness long enough to share with you all that my shop, Gingiber, has been named the #1 Etsy Shop for Nursery Decor by  (read it here)!!!!!!!!

To be listed next to artists that I have long admired such as Ashley Goldberg, Candace Todd, and Blanca Gomez pretty much has made my day year millennium!

All I can say is thank you to the fabulous editors at Babble who found me worthy of this honor. I am so unbelievable humbled, and so much more driven to create meaningful, smart artwork for nurseries.

I am chasing a dream, people, and I feel like today a bit of my dream came true!


March 19, 2011

New Bedroom Dresser

Happy Saturday! Last weekend, my family and I found the most amazing vintage furniture shop in Fayetteville called Vintage Foundations. They specialize in mid-century furnishings for a really really great price! I went in specifically looking for a low dresser to fit our bedroom space. I mentioned to the shop owner that I liked to repaint furniture, so he showed me to his back room, filled with the damaged pieces that were not in the showroom. I saw this slightly water damaged dresser and bought it on the spot (let me tell you the price was right!)

Here's a close up of some of the details! I really like the original handles!

And here you can see the water damage on the top of the dresser. I am not too worried about updating this piece, even though it is old and has some charm. Thinking about getting some fancy wallpaper and covering the top and sides with it to add some pizazz!

I had bought this old mirror last year at the local Re-Store, but when I put it next to the dresser, I found the blonde on blonde wood finish a little overwhelming. So I went to Lowes and bought one of those $2.50 sample jars of paint in a nice aqua color.

I really like the POP of color! Still need to fill out the space with some smaller pieces of art to the right of the mirror.

Most importantly, I like what it does for the room! I like a cheery, bright bedroom! Nathan likes it too, so that is a plus! Any wallpaper or color suggestions for the dresser?

March 17, 2011

Made: Chicken Wire Lamp Shade

Hello! First, can I say a huge THANK YOU for all of your sweet comments regarding my last post, Past and Present. I was overwhelmed with your kind words and support. You are the best readers and friends ever.

The other day I was home sick (boo), but if you know me, I have trouble sitting still. So, I decided to finally rip the fabric off of an old lampshade and wrap it in some chicken wire left over from my last lighting experiment.

As far as projects go, this one was SUPER easy! All I needed were some wire clippers to cut my chicken wire to size. Then I simply wrapped said wire around the lamp shade frame and bend the edges of the wire so that they wrapped around both ends of the lamp shade, leaving a smooth edge!

The results are sort of industrial, and I really love it! I know it doesn't do much in terms of light diffusion, it is definitely pretty! And I did not have to spend a penny!

What do you guys think? Violet feels very passionately that you like it.... or else (she's the decorating enforcer, you know)


March 15, 2011

Past and Present

I was quite inspired by Rachel Denbow's recent post entitled "Past and Present", so I thought that I would write a similar post so that you all could get to know me a bit more personally!


*When I was born I contracted a serious infection in the hospital. Another baby girl born the same day as me got the same infection and died from it. If it wasn't for my amazing pediatrician who tried an unconventional treatment for my illness, I might not be here today!

* I loved softball so much as a little girl! I dreamed of playing professional softball someday, and watched "A League of Their Own" religiously.

* While in the first grade, I gave a boy a black eye, but not from punching him in the face, but rather because I liked to spin around during recess with my arms outstretched. He just so happened to walk into my fist mid-flight!

* I have been my height (5'8.5'') since about the 6th grade. Thanks puberty. I was tall and awkward, and wore braces for 6 years. My various childhood nicknames included "Jolly Green Giant" "Eiffel Tower" and "Big Bird". And yes, I developed quite the low self esteem.

* I was OBSESSED with the band Switchfoot. Like I had issues. I had an entire wall of my room devoted to them. Yes, it was a shrine. And yes, the remains of my wall are boxed up in my garage now.

* I used to be a health nut in high school! No white sugar or flour EVER for 2 years. I also worked out at least 4 times a week.

* I was in charge of EVERY student group possible in high school. StuCo president, FCA president for a while, Yearbook Editor, Valedictorian. Etc. I am way less ambitious now :)

* I was homecoming queen my senior year of high school!


* I am a poor conversationalist, partly because my face makes inadvertent awkward faces during discussion! Oh, and I tend to over share information upon first meeting someone.... yikes

* I am more in love with my husband, Nathan, today, than I ever have been during our entire courtship.

* I still have an extremely low self esteem, and have battled depression on and off during my adult life. Stupid example, but I got my engagement and wedding photos taken by a downtown Springfield photographer. His assistant at the time worked with me at Starbucks. She was to deliver the proofs to me, and decided to show several of our customers the proofs before I ever saw them. One customer in particular came up to me and said, "I saw your pictures! I mean, your are really not that pretty at all, you know, but these pictures make you look alright!" And he meant it as a sweet compliment. It kinda crushed me. This is why I hardly ever post pictures of myself on the blog.

* I am a terrific cook. If the hubby and I weren't trying to eat better, I could give Martha a run for her money.

* I long for the day that I can quit my day job. Yet I feel like I am not aloud to say that because it might appear to that I am not committed to my day job. A girl can dream, right? (Side note: I really do have a lovely day job and work with amazing people).

* Not gonna lie, I would really love a nose job (just being honest).

* I am often lonely, and wish I was better at keeping in touch with people.

* I live in fear too often. Sometimes fear prevents me from enjoying the present, small things in life that are precious to me. Why do I let fear rule my life?

So, thanks for reading this. Hope that it is not too much of a downer! But this is me! Please feel free to do something similar on your blogs (just like Rachel encouraged readers to do on her blog). I'd love to learn more about you all!


March 13, 2011

unplugged and loving it!

Hi! I just wanted to drop in and say "hello"! I am using my husband's computer, as my power cord decided to stop working Friday evening. So, my weekend has been mostly unplugged from blogging and Gingiber design work, and it has been incredibly enjoyable!

So far, the little Bloomfield family has managed to do the following as a consequence of being unplugged from the online world:

  • Take Violet to the doctor (102 fever from a little bug)
  • Work in the yard
  • Go to an AMAZING mid century modern furniture store that just opened up in Fayetteville (we scored a really nice low dresser for our bedroom)
  • Family trip to Orange Leaf (they have a non-dairy pinapple flavor that Violet loved)
  • Drink large amounts of coffee
  • Begin the great Gingiber office redo of 2011 (I get a whole room to myself to devote to Gingiber stuff, so lots of organizing to do!)
  • Make a low-cal lunch for the family
  • Ice cream run to Braum's (see low-cal meal consumed for lunch above)
Yes, this weekend has been lovely. But tomorrow I will get a new power cord and be back in business drawing and doodling and the like!

Now I must go, friends, as I believe that I have caught Violet's bug, and am feeling a bit feverish (boo)

Have a lovely evening,


March 11, 2011

Gingiber Loves Consignment

Just wanted to let you know that Gingiber has added yet ANOTHER store to our consignment side of business! We are pleased as punch to have Pink Olive, one of the CUTEST little boutique that has possibly ever existed, carrying a wide variety of Gingiber Products.

Pink Olive is located on East 9th Street in New York City! Looks like this midwest girl might need to make a little visit to the Big Apple in the near future now that I am "bonafide" (you know, Sandra Dee's catchphrase from those quaint 1960's "Tammy and the Doctor" movies).

If you or someone you know might have a shop interested in carrying Gingiber products, simply click the "contact" button located in the top right corner of this blog. We'd love to work with you! You can check out our updated stocklist here.


(All images property of Pink Olive)

March 10, 2011

I Love Modern Kiddo!

So of course you've heard of the fantabulous blog Modern Kiddo? Perhaps you have been enchanted by the retro stylings of Alix and Dottie, the founders of Modern kiddo? Well, me too!

Gingiber is pleased as punch to be a sponsor for Modern Kiddo again this month. I am even more excited that Alix and Dottie decided to write up a beautiful feature on Violet's Nursery and 2nd Birthday Party!

So why don't you hop on over to Modern Kiddo and read their amazingly curated blog filled with vintage kid's clothing, fantastic toys, and great features, such as Vintage Bookshelf and Weekly Kiddo!

Thanks again, ladies, for the sweet little Violet-centric feature.

March 8, 2011

Strike A Pose

So I know you've been dying to see new pictures of presh-presh Violet gallivanting around the Bloomfield home!

My little 2 year old looked especially cherub-like yesterday in her pink OshKosh B'Gosh jumper and pretty polka dotted tights from Target. Her hair is getting so long, and flips out on the sides. Of course Mickey Mouse was along for the ride.

Violet loves to get dressed for "school" every morning, then run to the hall closet mirror and take a "picture", as she calls it (please ignore the dirty smudged mirror!). Then she runs to her daddy and shows him her outfit. She is somewhat of a tomboy usually, but WOW does she love her clothes!

Golly, they grow up fast.

March 7, 2011

Weekend Happenings

Hi! I wanted to share a little picture of our Springfield, MO home that is currently on the market. Isn't it kinda adorable with the minty green paint, wood shutters, and scalloped entryway (you can only see a little bit of the scallop in this image)?

Accomplished this weekend:
  • Cleaned, recaulked, and painted bathroom
  • Caulked and Painted trim in both bedrooms
  • 4th coat of neutral paint in said bedrooms (totally rethinking those red and green walls right about now)
  • Painted kitchen window and door frames
  • New tires (we got a flat in Springfield)
  • Ordered kitchen cabinets (will arrive in 2 weeks!)
Now that the house is almost completely repainted and spiffed, perhaps a lovely potential home buyer will fall in love with it and take it off of our hands..... if only!

Oh, and I also got to have coffee/tea with the lovely Rachel Denbow! It was super duper fun to get to know her better!

What did you do this weekend?


March 3, 2011

Little Things Studio by Kate Thomas

Sometimes I enjoy clicking through my Etsy activity page and looking at the people who are looking at me (stalker much? yikes... hehe). Well, thank goodness I looked through my activity, because I was so excited to discover Kate Thomas' enchanting Etsy shop called "The Little Things". She is an artist based out of Mississippi, with a lovely body of work (check out her full website here).

Immediately, I was smitten with her patterns and illustrations, which she sells as prints in her shop.

Don't you think her work would make absolutely gorgeous wall paper or gift wrap? 

Be sure to check out Kate's work online!

March 1, 2011

Sneek Peek: Screenprinted Tote Bag

Hi! Wanted to show you a little something something I screen printed last night. A nice little canvas tote that says "Beloved" in a typical Gingiber style. I wanted to create something simple and sweet. With lots of black ink.

It will come as little surprise that my Violet inspired the tote. She has been wanting a back pack to take to school for a while. I though that it would be more fun to screen print one for her! Plus, the design is delicate enough to be used by a little girl.

Thinking of making some pillow covers with this on the front of them. Maybe list them in the Gingiber Shop later this month?

What do you think?