March 13, 2011

unplugged and loving it!

Hi! I just wanted to drop in and say "hello"! I am using my husband's computer, as my power cord decided to stop working Friday evening. So, my weekend has been mostly unplugged from blogging and Gingiber design work, and it has been incredibly enjoyable!

So far, the little Bloomfield family has managed to do the following as a consequence of being unplugged from the online world:

  • Take Violet to the doctor (102 fever from a little bug)
  • Work in the yard
  • Go to an AMAZING mid century modern furniture store that just opened up in Fayetteville (we scored a really nice low dresser for our bedroom)
  • Family trip to Orange Leaf (they have a non-dairy pinapple flavor that Violet loved)
  • Drink large amounts of coffee
  • Begin the great Gingiber office redo of 2011 (I get a whole room to myself to devote to Gingiber stuff, so lots of organizing to do!)
  • Make a low-cal lunch for the family
  • Ice cream run to Braum's (see low-cal meal consumed for lunch above)
Yes, this weekend has been lovely. But tomorrow I will get a new power cord and be back in business drawing and doodling and the like!

Now I must go, friends, as I believe that I have caught Violet's bug, and am feeling a bit feverish (boo)

Have a lovely evening,