May 31, 2010

weekend fun

Quick Hello!

We had a blast with the family in Dallas over the weekend. I will just share a few pictures of my cutie pie Violet. She went swimming in a pool for the first time!
my sister-in-law snapped this cute picture of me and miss Violet!
Be sure to check back later this week. I am rolling out a new bunch of prints for the summertime, and you will see them first here!

Thanks a bunch!


May 29, 2010

and the winner is......

 And the winner is.....
"Jennifer said...
I think I like this lil guy! >>
Congrats Jennifer! Please e-mail me at gingiberdesign (at) gmail (dot) com with your contact information and the items of your choice, and I will get them to you!

Thanks guys for participating! Sad that you did not win? Take heart, because I am hosting ANOTHER little giveaway over at "Smile and Wave" today. Chez it out here.
I am visiting family this weekend, so probably no update tomorrow. That is alright though, because you should be hanging out with your family too!

Alright, talk to you later!


May 27, 2010

exciting gingiber news!

If you live in the Columbia, South Carolina area, my Gingiber Artwork will be sold soon at brand new store called "PackRats"! I am beyond thrilled!

This is my first consignment work, and let me tell you that it is a HUGE confidence booster. I have tried to get my work sold in other stores, but no one has been interested. This time, Rachael (who sells on etsy under the shop "softspoken") contacted little old me! She will be selling 6 of my prints:

I hope it is okay to speak about it on here, but I so happy I could not keep quiet.
I have been a little worker bee this evening, printing and packaging all of the prints.

So, I have been really down for several weeks, and this boosted my spirit so much! It really means a lot when a complete stranger seeks you out because they like your product!

That is all!

Have a wonderful evening!


May 26, 2010

a quick hello and giveaway reminder

Hello! Don't forget that you could win $30 worth of merchandise from my Gingiber Etsy Shop! Click here to enter.
Today was my Monday... I took the past 2 days off from work, so it was back to work for me! Sometimes I really wish I could stay home with this little girl:
Maybe someday I will make enough money to work on my art from home.... someday!

In other news, we've been playing with the blocks around the house recently. Violet certainty loves it!

I have been hard at work coming up with new product ideas based on the survey many of you completed.

Talk to you soon,


May 25, 2010

fireplace update

So months ago a shared with you my disdain for my leaky, ugo fireplace.
It is amazing what a coat of paint can do! Oh, and I also had carpet installed instead of the gross white cement floor. It was not conducive to a baby learning to walk...

Remember before?
Now I just have do decide what color to paint the mantel, and also decide what kind of fireplace cover I want.

The fireplace itself is still drafty, even after having a new cap installed, and the entire exterior wrapped in vinyl siding... (by the way, I really did not want to wrap it in vinyl, due to how bad that stuff is for the environment, but you win some, you loose some).

Thanks for all of the advice!


May 22, 2010

birthday giveaway, who likes free stuff?

Alright guys, I will make this short and sweet.

Do you want to win some free stuff? Then how's about $30's worth of loot from my Gingiber Etsy shop?

That's right! The lucky winner gets to pick up to $30 of goodies from my shop! 

How to enter: Simply leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite item is from my Gingiber Etsy Shop.  You can also double your chances to win by tweeting about the giveaway! Just be sure to leave a comment telling me that you tweeted "giveaway @gingibersnap".

The winner will be announced next Saturday night. 

Thanks again!


it was one year ago today (happy etsy birthday to me!)

 Happy Etsy Birthday to Me!!!!!!!

I remember a year a go, nervously deciding if I should list anything at all on etsy. The online world seemed so daunting, and I felt like I would just get lost in the crowd. My sweet husband encouraged me to just doodle, list some items, and see what happened.

My expectations were too high. I thought people would snatch up my drawings so quickly! It took months before a had a sale. Now, 1 year later, even though I have only sold 33 items, I am fairly happy with the progress I have made.

My 1 year highlights:

  • My first sale: "The Pretty Peacock Print" 
    • One of my prints "Oh, Deer" being listed on Etsy's blog "The Storque" under Etsy Find's: Undiscovered Territory! Check it out here (it is the first on the "related items" list).
    • Being featured AGAIN on "The Storque", this time as the main Mother's Day image!

    • Making new friends online!
    Thanks so much for all of the support, nice faithful readers. Here's to an even more awesome year at my Gingiber Etsy, full of smarter business decisions, better products, and making even more friends!

    Oh, and be sure to come back later for a little giveaway to celebrate this special occasion!

      May 21, 2010

      it is finished (my week that is)

       Oh, can I tell you how incredibly exhausted I am? I worked 60 hours this week on my Healthcare Systems Engineering Workshop. I pretty much organized 22 schools totaling to 75 guests who visited our Department for this special workshop.

      I organize entire events. I maintain a website. Yes, I answer the phone and schedule meetings, but I am in charge of all of our finances. I help create budgets. I schedule travel for way too many people. I do a lot. Usually, I am not overwhelmed with this job at all. And, next week, I will feel fine once again.
      You know what else is awful, several people complimented me and the event, but all I can dwell on is that once person who was not completely satisfied with my performance during the week.

      I used to joke about how I am an affirmation junky. I love compliments, but especially from strangers or people in authority, like say, those who control my paycheck. 

      I know.... you all are thinking what a nut-job I am. Yes, I am an emotional basketcase. Sometimes, especially online, bloggers tend to act as if everything is just so sunny and perfect, I guess that is because most of you want to be inspired and have your spirits lifted. Sometimes, though, I just need to be real. 

      Some of you know that I have been in a funk recently. Did you know that I have struggled with depression for years? I have good times and bad times. Since I have started this blog, I have been mostly happy. Recently, however, I feel so restless. 

      I went to the doctor today to ask about advice for an eating plan. My stupid doctor said that I should either get on the South Beach Diet, or accept my new larger self.... CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? I cried a little, which made him uncomfortable. He then asked me if people call me fat often.....  needless to say, I am going to find a new doctor. I do not think it is ever an option to give up on anything, especially your health and wellness. So I guess I still have a little fight left in me, just to show him what is what.

      This is what has been on my mind recently.

      Sorry it is just ramblings, but I like blogging, and sharing what is in my heart. 

      Thanks so much for reading.


      May 19, 2010

      Mind Your Music: Teddy Bears

      Ohhhhh Monty Python, you never said words more true!
      Official second post! Your lovely blogger at Gingiber has given me full permission to write about whatever music i choose, which quite possibly could be disastrous as i can listen to things that seem to be completely unrelated and all over the place! However, i feel like one thing i can offer is vastly different kinds of music for your ears, for no other reason than variety. So that brings me to a new fun favorite: Teddy Bears
      Who Are They: The Swedish group was originally a grindcore band called Skull (not my thing in the slightest!), but somewhere along the line began incorporating techno and now have fully reworked themselves into a electronia dance party of awesomeness. i'm not a particular expert on this sort of music or the European music scene, but it's not hard to enjoy Teddy Bear's crazy beats and catchy lyrics.
      Favorite Songs: Is it silly to say all of them? I suppose so, but it's really true. They are great "driving in the car" music as well as when i need to go for a long distance run and just don't feel like i have the energy. They are also fantastic for when i'm walking around a city and want to feel cooler than i am ... and i need all the help i can get! This song gets stuck in my head every time i listen to it, but pretty much all of Teddy Bear's music is too much fun.

      Get Mama A House

      They also apparently have an album of covers which i haven't heard yet but am incredibly excited about. Their album "Devil's Music" isn't quite out yet, but is set to release officially this summer. i've also read that they wear these giant teddy bear masks when they play live ... which to me makes them even cooler!

      Makes Me Think Of / Feels Like: City subways in the hot, hot summer, London club scene, and road trips! Somehow this kind of music also has a connection with really vibrant graphic design to me, especially work out of Europe. For me Teddy Bears is the audible answer to great artists like these:

      Whether or not Teddy Bears is your type of wild party night ride, they are really worth listening to. It's also fun to discover music like this that hasn't quite hit it big yet ... and i have a feeling Teddy Bears definitely will.
      Devil's Music

      May 17, 2010

      cute storage

      So I love the look of a reclaimed locker used for household storage. Someday when I have a larger home, I would love to have a mudroom and use lockers to store my kid's stuff. 
      Living Etc (my favorite decorating magazine from across the pond) had a little feature on the subject of toy storage and reminded me of the locker idea. Perhaps I should go searching through the graveyard that is Northwest Arkansas Flee Markets and see if I can find something salvageable? Yes, I should do this indeed. Here are a few other pretty storage lockers:
      This pretty pink locker from Rachel Denbow's lovely home
      I think I would have to paint my locker green. My whole house used to be bright green, but that was when I lived in a home with lots of windows, and the sunlight made the saturated color seem peaceful. I painted my current home the same green. However, I learned the hard way that different homes have different needs. This home wanted white walls..... I digress... A splash of green could do this home some good.

      I worked a 12 hour day at work, and I am certain I have several more in sight for the remainder of the week. Nathan and Violet came to visit me. They brought pizza and it was a lot of fun having them around while I finished up some projects for my day job. 

      I cannot wait for the weekend, and it is only Monday! Sigh...


      May 15, 2010

      goal number one: curtains

       I have crossed off one of the items from my weekend to-do list: curtains for Violet's window and closet. I found this awesome Kaffe Fassett fabric, and decided to go for simple white panels with the pretty fabric for a trim.
      I used the rest of the fabric for a full panel for her window. I really love the way it looks with the sunlight shining through it.
      Oh, and I made Violet's crib skirt from an Alexander Henry Fabric. I think it is super cute!
      Violet seems to like the curtains! What do you think?


      May 14, 2010

      today (or tomorrow) is a new day!


      Anyone out there drained from the week? As you know, blogging and doodling is a hobby of mine. Sometimes, my day job gets the best of me. I have been working round the clock on this Healthcare Systems Engineering Workshop. I am organizing the whole kitten-caboodle! Coordinating 22 different universities is hard work! Thus, this past week has left me creatively drained and emotionally unfulfilled.

      But, as the image about says, today (or really I am thinking tomorrow) is a new day! My weekend goals include: making a new curtain for Violet's room, painting my bathroom trim espresso brown, rearranging my living room, and finally finishing my kitchen cabinets! In all likelihood, I will only accomplish some of these things. However, I need to do something mindless for a while.

      What are you doing this weekend?


      May 12, 2010

      new weekly feature: mind your music

      So, some of you are probably wondering by now how I became so awesome (I am totally joking... I am not really that conceited). Well, If I was being serious about my previous statement, I would have to give 78% of the credit to my amazingly awesome friend, Jenna. Until I met Jenna 6 years ago, I was only listening to Kelly Clarkson and the Dixie Chicks (NOTE: They are excellent musical artists, but my taste has expanded since then). Jenna singlehandedly rocked my world with her bountiful knowledge of quirky and fresh music. And I love her for it. 

      So today, friends, I bring to you a new Gingiber blog feature called "Mind Your Music", curated by none other than Miss Jenna Garrett. I hope that you love it as much as I do! Take it away my little Kumquat (that is my pet name for Jenna... and no, it is not weird at all, I promise!).
      Hellooooo, Gingibersnaps! i'm Jenna ... official guest blogger here at Gingiber. Aside from being kindred spirits with the Super Stacie Bloomfield, i like finger puppets, well - cooked asparagus, and you. i also like music. And so, upon request from Stacie herself, we give you Mind Your Music. Hopefully i'll ramble about musicians that everyone fancies, or at least will entertain you a bit. Mostly it will just be what's humming in my ear phones, and i can't think of a more perfect one than Pomplamoose.
      Who Are They: Word for "Grapefruit" in French, friends Jack and Nataly have recorded this whole album in an upstairs room together, and the result is something that is honest, raw, and sunshine for the ears. Although unsigned, they've gotten a lot of attention for their YouTube videos full of split screen shots of all the different elements that they mix together to get that great Pomplamoose sound ... all of which are addictive to watch and just so much fun. i like that they don't take themselves too seriously, and there is nothing better than people who clearly and simply love what they're doing. 
      Favorite Songs: Pomplamoose currently has their debut album out on iTunes which i can pretty much listen to on repeat. Favorites include "Centrifuge" and "Expiration Date" which has bits of audio from the black and white Carey Grant film "His Girl Friday" ... that alone is reason to adore them!

      Expiration Date

      [ Hint: Push play and read the rest of the post why don't you! ] Do NOT miss Pomplamoose's cover album filled with everything from "Nature Boy" to Beyonce's "Single Ladies". They are delicious. i sang and sang in the car for days to learn the harmony to this song (and no, i don't care if you saw me). i'm quite proud.

      Mrs. Robinson

      Makes Me Think Of / Feel Like: Black and white movies, summer lunches on cobble stone streets, sun-shiney print shops, and Gingiber as a matter of fact! P1 P2 P3 
      Sources: We Heart It , Heartbeatbox, Cheesy Boyfriend Photo Simply, they are a cool sip of peach iced tea and witty dog eared satire on a used bookshelf. Sunday night movie watching, ocean side strolling, starry night dream. Listen to them ..!
      Alright, that is it for this week's "Mind Your Music". Be sure to check out Jenna's Flickr... She is an amazing photographer with an eye for color and composition that is a constant source of inspiration to me!