May 11, 2010

r is for raccoon

So I have really been experiencing a creative lull the past week. I do not understand how it comes and goes in waves, but I suppose that is life!

When I am not feeling inspired, I get CRANKY! In fact, I was so cranky last week, I all but ruined Mother's Day..... Thus no special "Mother's Day Blog Entry". I need to take a moment to publicly apologize to my sweet family. Thank you for enduring my moody outbursts. You are the best.

Well, I guess a few hours ago I finally had a mini breakthrough.... I made a cute little raccoon print. I was hesitant to call it "R is for Raccoon", because it means that I will need to follow up with the rest of the alphabet. That is not necessarily a bad thing! I have always wanted to make a kid's coloring book, so perhaps I could continue the alphabet theme and make a cute little book worthy of a crayola.
On a completely separate note, today my fantastic husband and I spent the day working in the yard and painting. At one point he asked me if I was a ""glerd". Pretty sure that he meant "gleek" because I love me some Glee! It starts in less than an hour!

That is all I have for you today.

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I am going to finish watching "American Idol" now... really it is just a run out the clock situation as I await a new episode of Glee!