May 14, 2010

today (or tomorrow) is a new day!


Anyone out there drained from the week? As you know, blogging and doodling is a hobby of mine. Sometimes, my day job gets the best of me. I have been working round the clock on this Healthcare Systems Engineering Workshop. I am organizing the whole kitten-caboodle! Coordinating 22 different universities is hard work! Thus, this past week has left me creatively drained and emotionally unfulfilled.

But, as the image about says, today (or really I am thinking tomorrow) is a new day! My weekend goals include: making a new curtain for Violet's room, painting my bathroom trim espresso brown, rearranging my living room, and finally finishing my kitchen cabinets! In all likelihood, I will only accomplish some of these things. However, I need to do something mindless for a while.

What are you doing this weekend?