May 12, 2010

new weekly feature: mind your music

So, some of you are probably wondering by now how I became so awesome (I am totally joking... I am not really that conceited). Well, If I was being serious about my previous statement, I would have to give 78% of the credit to my amazingly awesome friend, Jenna. Until I met Jenna 6 years ago, I was only listening to Kelly Clarkson and the Dixie Chicks (NOTE: They are excellent musical artists, but my taste has expanded since then). Jenna singlehandedly rocked my world with her bountiful knowledge of quirky and fresh music. And I love her for it. 

So today, friends, I bring to you a new Gingiber blog feature called "Mind Your Music", curated by none other than Miss Jenna Garrett. I hope that you love it as much as I do! Take it away my little Kumquat (that is my pet name for Jenna... and no, it is not weird at all, I promise!).
Hellooooo, Gingibersnaps! i'm Jenna ... official guest blogger here at Gingiber. Aside from being kindred spirits with the Super Stacie Bloomfield, i like finger puppets, well - cooked asparagus, and you. i also like music. And so, upon request from Stacie herself, we give you Mind Your Music. Hopefully i'll ramble about musicians that everyone fancies, or at least will entertain you a bit. Mostly it will just be what's humming in my ear phones, and i can't think of a more perfect one than Pomplamoose.
Who Are They: Word for "Grapefruit" in French, friends Jack and Nataly have recorded this whole album in an upstairs room together, and the result is something that is honest, raw, and sunshine for the ears. Although unsigned, they've gotten a lot of attention for their YouTube videos full of split screen shots of all the different elements that they mix together to get that great Pomplamoose sound ... all of which are addictive to watch and just so much fun. i like that they don't take themselves too seriously, and there is nothing better than people who clearly and simply love what they're doing. 
Favorite Songs: Pomplamoose currently has their debut album out on iTunes which i can pretty much listen to on repeat. Favorites include "Centrifuge" and "Expiration Date" which has bits of audio from the black and white Carey Grant film "His Girl Friday" ... that alone is reason to adore them!

Expiration Date

[ Hint: Push play and read the rest of the post why don't you! ] Do NOT miss Pomplamoose's cover album filled with everything from "Nature Boy" to Beyonce's "Single Ladies". They are delicious. i sang and sang in the car for days to learn the harmony to this song (and no, i don't care if you saw me). i'm quite proud.

Mrs. Robinson

Makes Me Think Of / Feel Like: Black and white movies, summer lunches on cobble stone streets, sun-shiney print shops, and Gingiber as a matter of fact! P1 P2 P3 
Sources: We Heart It , Heartbeatbox, Cheesy Boyfriend Photo Simply, they are a cool sip of peach iced tea and witty dog eared satire on a used bookshelf. Sunday night movie watching, ocean side strolling, starry night dream. Listen to them ..!
Alright, that is it for this week's "Mind Your Music". Be sure to check out Jenna's Flickr... She is an amazing photographer with an eye for color and composition that is a constant source of inspiration to me!