June 30, 2011

What's Up, Pup?

Growing up, every Sunday after church equaled a trip to a restaurant with friends and family. I remember growing terribly antsy waiting around for the food, so I would unfold my napkin, borrow my dad's pen, and draw as many puppies as I could think of! Yes, I was 7 and obsessed with 101 Dalmatians, so you don't even want to know how many variations of spotted dogs I came up with!

Oh how I wish my mom had kept all of those napkins..

In a revived passion for doodling pups, I thought that I would share a quick sketch with you that I drew recently. It is a french bulldog. I think she is rather cute! It is a bit more "formal" than I usually draw, but I like it!

Thinking of offering some custom pet portraits? Trying to think of how to make these more special than just a pen and ink drawing..... sigh!

What do you think about offering custom pet portraits?

June 28, 2011

Baby Bye Buy Bye

It is time for my 1st Annual Baby Bye Buy Bye Sale: I am retiring some old prints in the Gingiber Shop! Never to be produced again, unless someone has a custom request!

I feel like my style is changing, and to allow for some growth in my business, I am going to say "goodbye" to some of my first doodles. So you had better hurry up and purchase one of these cuties, because they will be on SUPER clearance for the next 2 weeks, then gone :( There are more designs on clearance other than the ones pictured here.

No really, don't be too sad, because I have lots of fun new designs in the works!


June 27, 2011

Apron Love

Okay, I have a little soft spot in my heart for a pretty apron. I have accumulated probably 8 over the years, and had to stop myself from purchasing more because it wasn't becoming practical!

Recently, I decided to hang up 3 of my favorite aprons next to my kitchen. They add some bright color to my chalkboard walls. They are so cheery, and make me want to bake some pumpkin bread or a nice fruit pie!

Do you wear aprons when you cook too?

June 24, 2011

Shared Nursery Inspiration Board

Now that we know we are having another little girl, I get to plan their shared bedroom!!!! This is my favorite part :) I've decided to keep a lot of the same colors and furniture that we already have (save money), but add in more yellows and take out the greens in the room!

Above are some of my immediate inspiration pieces! Do you love the color combos? The walls are already the lovely Martha Stewart Vintage Map Shade of Blue (pictured at the top of the collage).

Inspiration image sources from left to right: 
Chevron Rug by Rugs USA
November Print by AmyMarcella
Isabella Print by Peggy Wolf
Manuel Canovas MISIA (now out of print?) first seen on PoppyTalk
Red Dresser (already had)
White and Yellow Pom Pom Curtains as seen on Bright.Bazaar
Bird Seed Fabric (already have and out of print) by Alexander Henry

We purchased this Gulliver IKEA crib for the little one because it is not overly bulky, and I love the simple lines and white frame:

And I am searching for a petite daybed for miss Violet similar to this one from West Elm, but smaller and way less expensive (like maybe on craigslist?):

image source: Young House Love

So wish me luck! I have 5 months to finish the room, and even though I am a little bit early getting started, I want to use the new found 2nd trimester energy and get as much done as possible now before I begin to look and feel like a beached whale ;)


June 23, 2011

17 Weeks Pregnant: It's A......

That's right! Violet is going to have a little sister! We are so excited to welcome this little girl into our lives :)

So far, according to the doctor's scale, I've only gained 4 pounds! When I was pregnant with Violet, I had gained WAY more than this by 17 weeks, so score one for Stacie! We got to see our little girl's face thanks to one of those nifty 3-D ultra-sounds, so that was amazing and creepy all at once, because I think the baby looks just like my husband! Darn his strong genetics! At least he is a handsome devil ;) We are keeping the baby's name a secret for now. Who knows how many times we might change our minds!

Thanks for indulging my pregnancy updates!


June 22, 2011

Bright Color

I really love this living room! It has a lot of the colors that I have in my own living space. I am lacking throw pillows, and really love the floral pillows on this couch and rocking chair! Plus the mixing of wood tones in that dresser against the dark teal wall is faboosh!

I could go without the silverware curtains, though!

June 21, 2011

Where'd She Go? (Where'd She Go Again?)

Do you like my blog title? In my head I am singing it to the tune of "There She Goes", but not The La's version, the cover by Sixpence Non the Richer. You remember them, right? Yeah, I secretly would listen to their song "Kiss Me" while cuddling my body pillow, since you know, I didn't have a boyfriend and had a mouth full of braces.....

Anyways, sorry for the lack of updates recently! My family embarked on a little trip to visit my dad's side of the family in Lubbock, Texas, over the weekend. I had planned on scheduling a bunch of blogs for your reading pleasure. However, I just ran out of time. And now, I am writing an almost photo-less blog post, because I forgot to bring my camera on the trip! 

Okay, everyone can say it with me, "Get it together, Stacie!". But, regardless, the trip was fun. Violet played with all 11 of her cousins, plus a few other kiddos who where there for the party. And, she learned how to make a fish monkey face. The photo speaks for itself.

Glad to be back home, though. Be sure to check back later this week for some blog posts with a bit more substance!


June 16, 2011

Summer Goals

image source: whatever

Don't you just *adore* this amazing summer goals chalkboard by whatever? My gosh, I want to accomplish every single one of her summer goals, too!

Here are a few of my own summer goals, most of them revolve around food..... wonder if that is a problem?
  • Make a tiramisu (my favorite dessert of all time)
  • Go on a picnic date with Nathan
  • Decorate the Violet and baby B's room
  • Fix my hair EVERY day
  • Make homemade icecream
  • Work on a new product idea with a local carpenter
Feel free to share some of your summer goals in the comments section below!


June 15, 2011

The Well Crafted E-mail....

I am one of those people who really struggles to craft a well written e-mail. The art of non-verbal communication is often lost on me. Want an example? Here is a smattering of an e-mail I recently sent to a dear friend:

"Doing nothing. I have no motivation, but what else is new?

Nathan and I find out what the baby is tomorrow evening!!!!! We are definitely naming it blank if it is a boy, and I think we settled on blank if it is a girl. My childhood nickname was blank because I was kinda grumpy.

Good grief....

Not sure of middle names yet, but am really content with the 1st names! I look really pregnant today! babies babies babies babies dribble dribble so on and so forth......

I wish we could chat today. Messaging is fun.

I am having a bad hair day with a capital OMG.

Why can't I blog like I really talk in real life? I would be the most popular kid in blog school if I did, because you know how incredibly funny I am...... and humble (that is my biggest asset).

I write line by line, too. Notice the pattern of all of my e-mails. Not a paragraph to be found!


Yes,  this is the actual e-mail I sent. Obviously I am gifted with the written word, yes? Maybe it would help if I didn't use so many "!" marks? Or if Liz Lemon were not my role model?

But seriously, I am a much better verbal communicator. My old design teacher in college used to ask me to record myself telling family stories and send them to him, because he found me funny. Maybe if I start recording unscripted vlogs (hate that word) for this blog you would get to know me better?

I digress......


June 13, 2011

Finch and Peonies Print

I have been itching to draw something super duper pretty recently, so I sat down and doodles this little bird sketch, and promptly gave it a dose of aqua, and peony pink (such a lovely color combination in my opinion)!

This print is 8x8 inches, and can be found here in the old Gingber Shop. I know that I primarily sell nursery decor, so let's think of this piece as artwork for the posh, elegant nursery, mkay?

I really love birds and flowers, and have been scheming up ideas for pretty journals to make with these type of designs on the front! What do you think?

Hope your day is super lovely!

June 10, 2011

Etsy Favorites: Scandinavian Style

1. Wooden Horse Silkscreen by Stephen Crownhurst 2. My Heart by Bold and Noble 3. Pear and Flower Fabric Cats by Jane Foster 4. Pomegranate Tree Cushion by Roddy and Ginger

I hope that you take a moment to click through some of these amazing shops. I find that a lot of Etsy product market themselves as "Scandinavian", but only a few really caught my eye! Not that I am an expert in Scandinavian anything! But I truly was inspired by the intricate designs in all of these products!


June 9, 2011

Nothing Says I Love You Like Cherry Pie

Today is my 5th wedding anniversary to my sweet Nathan! Seeing as how it is the middle of the week, and both Violet and Nathan have a nasty virus (boo fevers!), I had to stay home from work to care for the both of them!

So, in my attempt to make our day as special as possible given the circumstances, I baked a yummy cherry pie for us to snack on! I used a recipe from the most recent Martha Stewart Living Magazine (couldn't find the recipe it online?). Straight forward and absolutely delicious!

Now I am trying to avoid getting sick myself! I think Nathan and I will go out next week to celebrate our anniversary :)

How's your day going?


June 8, 2011

Shop Talk: Taking Time To Innovate

Sometimes as a online shop owner, I find myself struggling with innovation.... I am sure many creative types have the same thoughts. I cannot tell you how many half finished drawings I have stacked up under my desk. Usually, I feel like my greatest advisory to my shop success is a lack of time investment on my part.

I used to find the creative process so easy. I would do a little doodle here and there, develop it into something a bit more detailed, ad color, and BAM! Instant illustration! Now, I find myself falling into the trap of believing that if an idea doesn't develop quickly, it is not worth pursing. My free time is limited, so if the inspiration didn't hit, I wouldn't even try to work through it!

Recently, though, I have recognized what an awful, lazy routine I had developed. If I want to inspire and create lovely art, I have to draw every day, rain or shine. Trial and error is an essential part of learning and developing new techniques. I want to become better. I want my art to mature and become more complex. Thus, time is an essential investment into the success of my business.

So what am I trying to explain in this blog post? If I truly want Gingiber to become more than a part time hobby, and for blogs and the creative community to begin to see my work as detailed and unique, I have to make it more of a priority. I need to try new techniques and be bold. And I need to give myself a break if everything doesn't mesh the first go around. I've been dying to try my hand at watercolor and collage, but have been afraid that these products would be different and would not sell.... I am not going to let my fear of rejection and failure stop me in the coming months!

Thanks for listening, friends,


p.s. The picture above is a drawing I recently finished. Not sure of the color combo yet... but I can assure you, it will be BOLD!

June 7, 2011

What's Your Angle?

1. Funky Diamond Print 2. Life of Things Archival Print 3. Precipice no2 4. Abstract Geometric Triangles and Stripes Necklace 5. Gilbertville Public Library I

A few weeks ago I made my 1st ever front page worthy Etsy Treasury! The theme was triangles, and above are a few of my favorites from that treasury!

Tell me, how much longer to you think that things like triangles, and owls will be the trend? What's coming next? So hard to stay on top of all of this!

June 6, 2011

26 Before 26 List Check-In

Yesterday was my half-birthday, and apparently I was late to the party, because I only remembered it today! It is not like we would actually celebrate my half birthday, but it would have been a great excuse for a cake! I thought since I am 6 months away from 26, it would be a great time to check in on that oh so distant "26 Before 26" list that I made in January, and see what I have yet to accomplish! So, here's the list, with a status update for each line! It is wordy, so be warned!
  • 1. Launch a developing (but still secret) business venture: I guess I let the ball drop on this one? I had this really strong vision for a website to develop, but somehow lost the confidence and focus to launch it! Maybe I will muster up the courage to try again!

  •  2. Dye my hair blonde (much more blonde than the subdle highlights I have been sporting as of late): Guess what? Blonde hair = more money! Instead I have gone a lovely shade of dark brown :)
 (I am a total nerd in iphone pictures! hahaha)
  • 3. Save more money: We are saving money, but definitely have a long ways to go!
  • 4. Read a great book (I have not picked up a book in AGES): I got "Bossy Pants" for Mother's Day, and have officially read 2 pages. I have 6 months to finish this book!
  • 5. Invest in friendships (time = money stronger friendships): I think that this is actually happening! I am making friends with some lovely ladies here in NWA! Hoping to build lifelong friendships!
  • 7. Plan a 5 year anniversary trip with Nathan: We could not find a sitter for Violet, and our anniversary is this Thursday. Maybe next year?
  • 8. Eat more veggies (cheese is not a vegetable, apparently): Um, I have successfully purchased a head of broccoli every month since I made this goal. I have yet to eat any of these heads of broccoli. Thus the awful smell bellowing out of my refrigerator!
  • 9. Expand the Gingiber Product Line: I've added some new product, but need to step it up!
  • 10. Play a round of golf (I used to play on my men's golf team in high school): Fail.
  • 11. Start a great skin care regiment (I never EVER wash my face before going to bed): I bought some Burt's Bees skin cleaner. It is great! But, pregnancy has done a number on my face! 
  • 12. Make more time for dates with Nathan: We have been going on lunch dates! Fun stuff!
  • 13. Organize and donate items in my garage (I want to de-clutter my life): We have taken at least 4 car loads of donations to the Goodwill so far this year!
  • 14. Volunteer for some community organization: Gotta find something to volunteer for! 
  • 15. Have a more positive outlook on life (Hi, my name is Debbie Downer, blargh): I think that I have been a little more positive this year! Really expecting great things in my family's future!
  • 16. Find some new TV shows to watch (I've watch every episode of Gilmore Girls at least 10 times): Oh Nathan and I watched Downton Abbey yesterday on Netflix! 7 episodes of period drama! Soooo good! Nathan really liked it and has been talking about it all day!

  • 17. Get the windshield replaced in my Honda (There has been a crack in the windshield for 4 years): There is now an new crack in this windshield, but we are getting it replaced this month!
  • 18. Spend more time with my sister and her soon to be born daughter, Charis: Done and done! I have seen my family so much in the past few months!
  • 19. Spend more time with ALL family, for that matter. Yes, I am talking to you, Texas family! We are flying to Lubbock, Texas SOON to see my family! My little heart is so excited!
  • 20. Invest in some properly fitting clothing, and finally throw out those size 8 jeans: I did buy some properly fitting clothes. Then I got pregnant. Now said clothes are being replaced by empire waist dresses and elastic waist pants :)
  • 21. Sketch more for me, not just for my business (it is quite therapeutic): Done!
  • 22. Help Nathan search for jobs as we approach graduation: We have decided to expend our stay in NWA by an additional year to give Nathan more time to finish his degree.
  • 23. Begin *thinking* about expanding our little family (this cannot happen until Nathan graduates): We decided to start this a little earlier since Nathan is taking an additional year for grad school. I really did not want my kids to be 5+ years apart. So excited for baby Bloomfield to be here in November! 
  • 24. Get a family photo taken (we have never had one made): Thanks to my pal Amber, we have some lovely family photos, which I should post on the blog!
  • 25. Start taking Violet to the park: We have taken her a handful of times, but she is really hard to keep up with at the park! She loves that slide, let me tell ya!
  • 26. Grow my wholesale and consignment business: I have added 4 new stores to the Gingiber wholesale and consignment side of my business this year! Thankful for business growth!

So there you have it. My long list has been updated, and I clearly need to get my head in the game if I want to accomplish some of these goals! I know this was a real word heavy post. But, keep me on track, pretty please?


June 4, 2011

Workspace Makeover Update!

Remember my guilty little secret, where I showed you my totally disorganized office space? Well, I got busy and finally started the journey back to clean, decluttered living!

It is amazing what a coat of white paint and a limited color palette can do for creating a more peaceful space! I went with a blue and green color scheme, partly because I love how calming a white wall with blue accents can be, and partly because krylon makes tons of shades of blue spray paint...

I painted a mirror I already had on hand a teal color, and put up some postcards from my favorite etsy artists.

I set up an old bookshelf to store magazines and other supplies, and covered the front of it with a tablecloth from Target (clearance last year maybe?). Love that print!

I still need to figure out the curtain situation for the window in the room. I don't want anything patterned since the bookshelf is right next to the window, but want something with a little color, since the walls are white! Any suggestions? Also, would love a big area rug to anchor the room!

I hung one of my own prints next to the closet.... I just really love the saying "Mon Petit Chou Chou" and the colors were just right for the space!

There's still so much to organize and figure out in this space. This weekend has been my first real attempt at moving things around like printers and filing cabinets to make sure that the space is super functional. So far I am really happy with the improvement!

Hard to believe that a short while ago, my office looked like this.........

Thanks for reading and being patient with me! Sometimes I feel as slow as my little turtle friend here....

- Stacie

June 2, 2011

Catch All Inspiration

I need a good, designated catch-all area in my home. Ya know, because by the end of the week, the kitchen table, mantel, bookshelves, and any other flat surface becomes a breeding ground for clutter. 

I especially love this inspiring table area from Living Etc. The splashes of yellow are perfection, and it is a bit of organized chaos, which is always welcome in my home!

How about you? Does your home have an entry table or some other nook that serves as a "catch all"?