June 8, 2011

Shop Talk: Taking Time To Innovate

Sometimes as a online shop owner, I find myself struggling with innovation.... I am sure many creative types have the same thoughts. I cannot tell you how many half finished drawings I have stacked up under my desk. Usually, I feel like my greatest advisory to my shop success is a lack of time investment on my part.

I used to find the creative process so easy. I would do a little doodle here and there, develop it into something a bit more detailed, ad color, and BAM! Instant illustration! Now, I find myself falling into the trap of believing that if an idea doesn't develop quickly, it is not worth pursing. My free time is limited, so if the inspiration didn't hit, I wouldn't even try to work through it!

Recently, though, I have recognized what an awful, lazy routine I had developed. If I want to inspire and create lovely art, I have to draw every day, rain or shine. Trial and error is an essential part of learning and developing new techniques. I want to become better. I want my art to mature and become more complex. Thus, time is an essential investment into the success of my business.

So what am I trying to explain in this blog post? If I truly want Gingiber to become more than a part time hobby, and for blogs and the creative community to begin to see my work as detailed and unique, I have to make it more of a priority. I need to try new techniques and be bold. And I need to give myself a break if everything doesn't mesh the first go around. I've been dying to try my hand at watercolor and collage, but have been afraid that these products would be different and would not sell.... I am not going to let my fear of rejection and failure stop me in the coming months!

Thanks for listening, friends,


p.s. The picture above is a drawing I recently finished. Not sure of the color combo yet... but I can assure you, it will be BOLD!