June 4, 2011

Workspace Makeover Update!

Remember my guilty little secret, where I showed you my totally disorganized office space? Well, I got busy and finally started the journey back to clean, decluttered living!

It is amazing what a coat of white paint and a limited color palette can do for creating a more peaceful space! I went with a blue and green color scheme, partly because I love how calming a white wall with blue accents can be, and partly because krylon makes tons of shades of blue spray paint...

I painted a mirror I already had on hand a teal color, and put up some postcards from my favorite etsy artists.

I set up an old bookshelf to store magazines and other supplies, and covered the front of it with a tablecloth from Target (clearance last year maybe?). Love that print!

I still need to figure out the curtain situation for the window in the room. I don't want anything patterned since the bookshelf is right next to the window, but want something with a little color, since the walls are white! Any suggestions? Also, would love a big area rug to anchor the room!

I hung one of my own prints next to the closet.... I just really love the saying "Mon Petit Chou Chou" and the colors were just right for the space!

There's still so much to organize and figure out in this space. This weekend has been my first real attempt at moving things around like printers and filing cabinets to make sure that the space is super functional. So far I am really happy with the improvement!

Hard to believe that a short while ago, my office looked like this.........

Thanks for reading and being patient with me! Sometimes I feel as slow as my little turtle friend here....

- Stacie