March 28, 2011

Guilty Little Secret

Yes, I have something to show you (other than my bangs need a MAJA trim folks)....

My Name is Stacie, and I am a closeted slob. That's right. This is a picture of our spare bedroom/my office/dungeon of yellow doom. I actually print and package everything in this sloppy little hole. Everything from the bright yellow paint (yes I chose that color years ago in a heightened state of pregnancy brain) to the botched uneven curtains makes me crazy! 

I like to keep it real here on the blog, so I figured the best way for me to jump start an extreme room makeover would be to post the before pictures. That way you can stay on my tail about getting this room into fighting shape! I mean really! It is not functional at all. And we never have house guests. Plus the rest of our house is pretty darn cute (if you ask me) so this room deserves to match!

So will you all help me stay accountable to get this room looking all sorts of posh within 2 months time?