June 10, 2009


I had a wedding anniversary yesterday. 3 years is the paper anniversary (possibly?), so guess what I am getting...


At least that is what I have decided so that I can print my own art from home instead of sending it off to iprintfromhome.com.

Oh, and I am thinking of making a new line of prints... but what of? I need inspiration. Soooooo

This is a Gilmore Girls day.

June 3, 2009

People Heart My Store!

I am so excited, 4 people heart Gingiber!

Thanks if you have taken a look at my shop! (Now if only I could get a sale!)

You know what is difficult? I have to have my prints printed from iprintfromhome, and as much as I adore this company and their customer service, it costs quite a bit. Perhaps I should invest in a home printer? What kind?

In other news, today is my day off from the day job.... managing is kind of stressful. Thus the need to find my way back to art and its many benefits!

Oh, and I have been doing some work in my home, rearranging and stuff. I think I will post some photos later... but first, a story:

I moved to Arkansas about a year ago! My husband and I bought a relatives home. It is a lovely home, but definitely had its quirks. For instance, NO WINDOWS! Boo Hoo! Second, there appeared to be a leak in the fireplace, but we never really did anything about it. Well, we recently had some huge storms roll into the area, and wouldn't you know that our leaky fireplace left us a little present? That's right, moldy wet carpet.

Two weeks ago, we ripped up the carpet and painted the cement floor underneath white until we can plan what else to do!

Being a homeowner rocks!

Gingiber Design

I have started a blog to document the happenings with my new little etsy shop, Gingiber.
I am quite apprehensive about letting other people know about my drawings and such, but I feel like the only chance I really have at enjoying my life and career is to put myself out there! I am starting with some basic children's illustrations. I have 6 5x7 prints of animals with numbers on them. My favorite is this little guy!

But I also like this fellow:

Anyways, there are more fun prints like this at my etsy shop.

I have lots of other ideas that I would love to share!