December 28, 2012

What Are You Doing This Weekend?

Hi! How has your holiday been? Hopefully full of family, good food, and a little bit of rest!

I closed my shop down for a whole week! I hadn't done that since the week that I had had Lucy last year! A week off did me a lot of good. I went through my house and donated a lot of things that we really were not using. I cleaned and cooked. Walked on my treadmill a lot.

I really don't have any concept of how to relax!

The picture above is of my dining room. Ah, I miss the days when I used to have time to decorate my house. I always had a home project in the works, waiting to share on the old blog! Lately, though, as my business has grown, I have focused entirely on art and products.

But during my little vacation from work, I felt the old DIY bug creeping up! Maybe I will just paint a bedroom or something and get it out of my system!

Hope you have a great weekend,


December 17, 2012

Korean Company The Jany Steals Artwork From Etsy Artists

***UPDATE: 12/18/12 The Jany has removed the offending fox pillow from their website for purchase. It still shows up in background pictures, but it is no longer for sale! No official word from The Jany, and for all I know they could re-list it once things calm down. But thanks to YOU and all of the comments, tweets, e-mails, we made a difference!

Our job doesn't end there. Many other artists work is still up on the website. Keep spreading the word! THANK YOU*** 

I am so sad today. I woke up to an email from Kristin Loffer Theiss from KLT Works, a fellow handmade artist who sells her work on Etsy, informing me that a large Korean company called The Jany has stolen my ever popular handmade Orange Fox Pillow and are blatantly mass producing it. I created this adorable design in August of 2011, and have been selling it online in my Etsy Shop ever since.

The Jany has also taken artwork from other popular artists, such as Seventy Tree, printed them onto clothing, and are mass producing them. Selling them for less than we can afford to sell our original work for. Devaluing our brands, and stealing our designs.

Here's a list of the artists who have had their work stolen by The Jany:

KLT Works
The Seventy Tree
Bobo Choses
Ashley Goldberg
Beau Loves

Friends, I am begging you, please share, RT, blog, Instagram about this issue. Copyright infringement is a serious issue, especially in our handmade community.

What Can We Do?

1. Write directly to The Jany and complain about business practices. 
Their email address is

2. Social Media is our strongest tool. 
We may be a bunch of small artists and supporters of the handmade community, but together our voices can be heard! Please, share this story with anyone who will listen! The more blogs, online papers, etc. we can get to pick up this story, the more likely we can get these products removed from The Janey.

3. Write A Review On Their Website.
This company is difficult to contact, you can post a review underneath each stolen product and complain about the designs that were stolen!

4. Work Together.
The artists affected by this are trying to work together to take some legal action. I am having a cease and desist letter drafted by a lawyer. We are contacting anyone who can possibly help us fight this case legally.

I think that large companies like The Jany feel like we are small and powerless, so they simply lift a design from an Etsy and pass it off as their own. 

But together, we can make a HUGE STINK about how wrong this is!

Every week I hear yet another story about friends and fellow artists who are finding their work stolen off of sites like Society6, Etsy, Big Cartel, etc! The Jany is located overseas is even more difficult to deal with because they do not abide by the same copyright laws that we do in the US. They do supposedly have an office in NYC, so I am hoping this will give us a way in.

You may think (like I did) that there is no way someone would ever copy your work and pass it along as theirs. But it will happen eventually. Especially if we let stores like The Jany get away with this!

Thanks, friends, for your support.

Stacie Bloomfield


Ya'll, I know many of you are rushing around doing some last minute holiday shopping, and I am here to help!

Check out this section of my shop titled "Ready To Ship". All of these items will ship immediately in the US and arrive in time for Christmas!

Also, don't forget, all Prints are shipping for FREE in the US until tomorrow.


December 15, 2012

And The Winner Is...

Howdy! I'm here to announce the winner of the $100 Gingiber Credit Giveaway!

And without further adu: Congratulations, Jen! I will be emailing you shortly.
Thanks so much to everyone who entered! And to say thanks, save 10% on any Gingiber purchase with discount code "SAVE10".

Today was a great day. My husband graduated! He now has is PhD and the job search continues!

How was your day?


December 11, 2012

Celebrating 3000 Etsy Sales With A HUGE Giveaway

Today I hit a huge milestone: I had my 3000th sale in my Gingiber Etsy shop!

Honestly, whenever I opened my shop in 2009, I never imagined that I would hit this number. It seemed so unattainable. The artists that I looked up to maybe hit the thousands. But me? I was just doodling seahorses and otters and crossing my fingers, hoping that someone would stumble upon my shop and *maybe* make a purchase.

And this morning, when my little Etsy Phone App made that amazing "cha-ching!" noise, letting me know that I had made my 3000th sale, I almost cried with happiness. I know it is just a number, but that means 3000 Gingiber items have been packaged, shipped, and hopefully loved by their recipients.

Thank you for allowing me to live this dream! 

I want to celebrate! I want to share my excitement with you! So I am giving away a $100 store credit to Gingiber


2. Follow Gingiber on IG
3. Follow Gingiber on Twitter
4. Or simply leave a comment on this blog post (in case you already do the 3 options above)

Then come back to this post and leave a comment letting me know how you entered! 
Be sure to leave me your email address so that I can get in contact with you!

I will announce the winner of the $100 Gingiber Store Credit on Friday, December 14th.

Please please please share this with your friends on FB and Twitter. I'd love for as many people as possible to have a chance to win.

Thank you for celebrating with me,


December 9, 2012

Gingiber On The News And Other Tidbits

It has been a while, eh? It is amazing how priorities shift around as time goes by. I used to blog here daily. Now I just drop in from time to time :)

The holiday sales season has been crazy! I have been living off of coffee and adrenaline for the past month filling orders, drawing custom pet portraits, selling at shows, and simply living life. So, I decided that I NEED to schedule some down time. What better time to do that than during Christmas? 

Gingiber will be closed from December 20th-December 26th. I will still be answering e-mails (although not as quickly) and will be available to answer any questions about existing orders.

So shop now! Tomorrow (December 10th) is the last day to place an international order and have any chance of it arriving on time. December 20th is the USA deadline.

Booth at The Little Craft Show

In other news, I was on the local news this past Tuesday! It was art week, and I was thrilled to go to the Fox24 studio and talk briefly about Gingiber. 

You can watch the video here.

Oh, and big news, Nathan has his first job interview! 
Here's hoping that if this school is where we are supposed to be that everything will go smoothly :)


November 27, 2012

My Husband is Dr. Bloomfield and Other Happenings

Hey! How are you all doing?

I am doing really well. In part due to many of you who purchased an item or two over the holiday shopping weekend. Thank you for enjoying my art and supporting my small business.

The last time I wrote here, it was around my girls' birthday. Since then, my husband Nathan has defended his dissertation! He is now Dr. Bloomfield :) And yes, I am updating all of our mail correspondence to read "Dr. & Mrs. Bloomfield". I am exceedingly happy for him. He has been working on his PhD for so many years. Graduation is in December.

We are in the midst of job hunting. Nathan has applied to 20 schools and has at least 20 more applications to complete in December. Some of the jobs are as close as Conway, AR. Perhaps the furthest job is in Washington State. We've been told how competitive the job market is. like 500 people apply for every single opening for Assistant Professors in Mathematics.

Maybe I am naive, but I am really hopeful that Nathan has the perfect job waiting for him.

And with all of this waiting, not knowing if we will be moving in August or not, I find myself seriously thinking about the next steps for the business. I've grown as much as I can where I currently am. Meaning, I don't know how much more I can do on my own. Eventually I will need a full-time employee to handle day to day things so that I can focus on what I am best at: being creative. I have some help right now sewing pillow throughout the holiday season. And it is helpful. I am trying to hire an accountant for the books. I am even looking at renting some space outside of my house to create a great workspace.

I keep thinking to myself that maybe the wise thing to do would be to wait to act until Nathan and I know if we will be moving. But that is still like 8 months away. So why stand still? Hoping to find a 6 month lease somewhere nearby.

Anyways, I sure that there are many many other things that I should have mentioned, but right now this is what is on my mind!

Thanks for stopping by,


November 26, 2012

25% Off With Code "CyberMonday"

Hi! Sorry to be clogging your readers with yet another mention of a sale, but today I am offering 25% off your total purchase with coupon code "CYBERMONDAY".

So many amazing, wonderful things are going on in my life and in the lives of the people that I love. I wish that I could find the time to write them down and tell you all about them.

On top of that, I wanted to say thank you yet again for all of the incredible support you all have shown me and my business. In the past 3 days I have sold over 100 items! That is a ton of sewing, my friends :)

I hope that your Thanksgiving was amazing,


November 23, 2012

Black Friday Coupon Code

Howdy! Save 20% off your purchase when you use discount code "TURKEY" during checkout!

November 11, 2012

Lucy is 1 Year Old, So Here Is Her Birth Story

One year ago today, I gave birth to little Lucy Emmeline Bloomfield. I never wrote down her birth story. But it was seriously one of the most deliriously happy days of my life. Here's the story, if you care to read it.

On November 10th, I went to work as usual. I had the whole 9 month waddle down. And I looked pretty rough. My midwife had been telling me for 2 weeks prior that the baby could come at any time. I had been dilated at a 4 since late October. Everyday that I would walk down the halls at work, I would get another concerned look that I was still there!

But on that day, around 3 PM, I knew that something was up. I had eaten chili for lunch, so when the contractions began to start, I just equated it to good old bean gas ;) But for a few hours the pains in my tummy kept coming. So I closed my office door and laid down on the couch, timing contractions. I knew that I was in the early stages of labor. I sent an email to a coworker letting her know that I was leaving because I thought that I was in labor, but not to alert anyone just yet.

I called Nathan, who also worked on campus, and he pulled the car around. We drove home, and I finally packed my hospital bag, after weeks of procrastination. That evening I rested on the couch, and knew that the next day I would be having a baby. Nathan's parents brought us over dinner. I think that I watched some reruns of The Office. And I felt really really calm and mellow.

I was able to get a great night of sleep, so I thought for a little while that maybe labor had stopped. But when I woke up at 5 AM, and felt the contractions starting up again. They were 4 minutes apart.

Being the great prioritizer that I am, I realized that I had Etsy orders to fill!!!! So I let Nathan and Violet sleep while I feverishly sewed pillows for the next 2 hours. The contractions got to 3 minutes apart, and I was still printing out shipping labels!

Gingiber orders always arrive in a timely manner, whether or not I am in labor :)

Finally I woke up Nathan and told him we needed to get ready. We first went to the post office to drop off orders (I think that I was crazy), then we took Violet to daycare. I arrived at my doctor's office right at 8 AM and let them know that I was in labor. They checked me out and admitted me.

The rest of the day was a happy blur. My progressed slowed down a bit once I was in the hospital bed. But golly I was the happiest woman in labor you had ever seen! I was just chatting through contractions, smiling and care free! I made it to a 7 without pain meds.

Then around 6 PM the nurse told me that the anesthesiologist was going home and if I decided that I wanted an epidural I would have to decide now. Fear got the best of me, and I decided to go ahead and get one. I was such a happy little patient, one of the nurses who had been with me most of the day but was now off duty wanted to stay and see me deliver my happy little baby! She held my hand during the epidural.

However, as soon as the epidural was administered the doctor checked my progress and I was already at a 10! I think I was a little crazy/loopy, because I was like "alright folks let's have this baby!" I even had the forethought to question the doctor about the names of the interns who would be watching me deliver, as I didn't want just anyone watching my undercarriage push out a baby...... I don't know what I was saying... but I was confident that it needed to be said.

So within 10 minutes of being checked, I was set up to push. I think that I was made to birth babies, because just like Violet, this kid was out in 3 pushes.

And she was perfect. And I was so happy. Seriously the happiest I had been in years. Lucy was 2 weeks early, but a healthy baby, around 7 pounds.

How did I feel? Well, Nathan and I like to make fun of the ending of the newish Pride and Prejudice where Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth are sitting all 16 Candles like declaring to each other that they are "incandescently happy". But at that moment, holding my Lucy in my arms, that is exactly how I felt.

I was a little sad that I didn't get to go natural during the delivery (fear got the best of me), and was sad that my midwife happened to be out of town, so I delivered with the doctor on call. But really and truly, it was one of the best days of my entire life. All of the grandparents were there. My sister was there. Life was just lovely.

And the moment Violet walked in to meet her baby sister was one of the single sweetest moments of the entire experience.

Golly, I am emotional thinking of that day, merely a year ago. I had many complications after delivery. A minor surgery. Reactions to pain medicines. Trouble breastfeeding. Thyroid problems that still have not been regulated. But being a mommy to Lucy makes everything worth it.

So that's that. I can only hope that my next delivery will be as awesome as this one was.


November 9, 2012

Gingiber Custom Pet Portraits!

Ya'll I've decided to offer custom pet portraits! How does it work? You send me a picture of your precious pooch (or cat, as it may be), and I will make you a fantastic illustration of your furry friend (complete with your animals name on it if you would like)! The price is $60 per illustration.

I can only take on a limited number of these before the holidays, so if you are interested let me know! Contact me via email at gingiberdesign (at) gmail (dot) com.



November 6, 2012

Birthday Week

This week both of my girls celebrate birthdays. Lucy will be 1 year old on Sunday, and miss Violet turned 4 yesterday!

We went to visit Springfield, MO a couple of weeks ago and visited the park that Nathan and I were married. So we snapped up a bunch of pictures of the girls. I really need to take more pictures :)

It is getting harder and harder to snap pictures of Violet. She is such a bundle of life and sass! She is a very grown up 4 year old, and I really do adore her. The way she uses words that are years beyond her comprehension. The way she tells me that she prefers biscotti to cookies and coffee to chocolate milk (I've never given her coffee but she thinks that she could handle it). She is sharp, and caring, and really lovely. And a fantastic big sister.

 Lucy is pure sugar. Seriously. Happy. Baby. She doesn't say too many words yet, but the one word she has mastered is "HAPPY"! She says it first thing in the morning. She adores her sister. I love everything about this child. The way she crawls towards me and puts her head in my lap for a hug. The way she loves stuffed animals and tackle hugs them. She is my precious brown haired, dark blue eyed girl. Life would not be complete without her in my life. 

And I have yet to get a nice smiling picture of these girls together. But they are both just so lovely. I love that they love each other. I love that they are so different and bring balance to our home. 

I really have no pictures of me and the girls. I need to take a family picture soon! But I love this little snapshot. Gosh, I feel old. I am only 26, but I see it more in pictures now. In my eyes. In the strands of grey hair I find when I am brushing my hair. And yet there is so much life in front of me. With these kids. With Nathan. I am really so fortunate and happy. 

So happy birthday, sweet Violet and Lucy. I adore you. 

- Mom

November 1, 2012


I can't even remember the last time that I blogged. This past month has been the best for me and Gingiber (we are one and the same). Having an intern tremendously freed up some time for me to think about what I want to do next.

And I have somehow settled on drawing dogs. Lots of dogs. If you will allow me to ramble for a moment: I love dogs. They are all I used to draw when I was a little girl. And really I cannot believe that I haven't been drawing pups for Gingiber until now.

Another upside of having an intern: those pesky little things that I have grown to despise about running a business, such as hand sewing pillows, or packaging, I can hand over to my intern. This allows me time to draw, handle the backend of business, and really think and plan out business ventures.

Side note: as quickly as I announced my new intern, I had to start looking for a new one! Kaitlyn found a full time job (totally great for her). I am interviewing 2 potential candidates tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Back to the dogs: I cannot decide specifically what I want to do once I finish drawing like every possible dog that strikes my fancy. A part of me wants to try and self publish an educational book about dogs for children. Another part of me wants to save all of them for something like Surtex and try to license them. 

Anyways, I am really happy to feel inspired to draw. I love it. Doodling away. I am never happier!

What is going on with you? Seriously! This blog has been sad and quiet for far to long and I want to hear from all 3 of you who are still reading this GingiberSnap blog ;)


October 26, 2012

Now Available: Caribou Tea Towel

I am so excited to show these new tea towels to you! They are oversized, flour sack tea towels, featuring a gorgeous caribou illustration.

I've always wanted to have products that were a little more sophisticated than my usual fare, and I feel like these tea towels would be the perfect gift or stocking stuffer this holiday season.

They arrive folded and packaged. I hope that you really love them! They are limited edition, so get them while you can!


October 23, 2012

Win Some Gingiber (And Other Goods) At Darling Clementine

I have been selling Gingiber products through online retailer Darling Clementine since they opened last November. I must say that it has been one of my best experiences with a retailer so far! Lindsay, the brains behind Darling Clementine, is a joy to work with, and she is celebrating DC's 1 year anniversary with a big old giveaway! Read on for details on how to enter:

Darling Clementine is turning 1 on November 1st! They are celebrating by hosting a HUGE giveaway featuring tons of products from their favorite brands at a value of $600+ (that's all for 1 lucky winner!) Click here to find out all details on how to enter. 

& after entering the fabulous giveaway use this code dcturns1 for 10% off the entire shop through November 9th. Happy Shopping!

Ways to enter:
1. Follow @drlngclementine on Twitter
2. Like Darling Clementine on Facebook
3. Sign up for the Darling Clementine Newsletter 

(each one is another entry)

I hope that you take an opportunity to enter :) Good luck!


October 22, 2012

Gingiber is Growing!

Hi friends! If you follow me on Instagram (user name gingiber) or on Facebook then you may have seen that I've hired a part time employee!

Kaitlyn has already proven herself to be an invaluable part of the Gingiber team, filling orders, packaging, and doing all of the little things that make Gingiber run so that I can focus more on the creative/business side of business.

Gingiber has been steadily growing, adding new retailers monthly and seeing continued online sales. I have been running this business alone since we launched several years ago, but recently the late nights and constant demand was getting to me.

So I knew with a busy holiday season approaching, it was time to get some help.

And none of this would be possible without you, my friends and customers, who have shown love and kindness towards my business.

Sometimes I sit at my desk and remember, "Wow, I am really doing this! I am a full-time artist!"

Thank you for letting me live my dream.


October 18, 2012

Christmas Stockings are BACK!

I am so excited that the Gingiber hand screen-printed, handmade stockings are ready for the holiday season!

And this year, they are completely reversible! Available with 2 options for lining fabric (a lovely crosshatched pattern and a seasonal green and brown leaf motif) these stockings will add the perfect touch of whimsy to your mantel.

I've also found a few pink stockings from 2 seasons ago. They are listed in the shop and supplies are very limited.

Hope that you love them,



October 15, 2012

GIngiber Clothing Ships FREE In The US

Happy Monday! I wanted to share with you that now through the end of October, all Gingiber Clothing will ship FREE in the USA!

No code necessary, discount will be applied automatically at checkout.

So go ahead, Treat. Yo. Self.

October 14, 2012

Shop Love: Depeapa

I first saw one of Depeapa's tea towel sets on Pinterest and fell in love. I adore the illustration style, easy and expressive. 

The artist Veronica de Arriba is based out of Spain Here's a link to her blog (you may need to use google translate) but I have been browsing it from time to time. I love seeing the day to day life of artists I admire.

I also love her other items, like brooches and pocket mirrors. I like that her products are diverse. Like I could purchase sooo many presents for people from this shop!

Geometric Mountain Backpack

You need to check out Depeapa for yourself. It is just great. Great products. Great photography. The. Bomb. Dot. Com. (yes, I did just write that).

October 13, 2012

Today: Studio Snapshot

In the Gingiber Studio today: adventures in block printing.

Have a lovely Saturday,


October 11, 2012

Recent Show at Shindig Paperie

Image via The Little Craft Show

Hi! I am not very good at writing about the day to day portions of my life. So I thought I would write about a show I had last Thursday at Shindig Paperie, here in Fayetteville, AR. Artist Natalie Freeman and I were invited to be featured artists at Shindig, coinciding with the First Thrusday Art Walk. 

Natalie and I both showed up wearing adorable red frocks (it was not planned but we looked mighty fine), and many of our friends came out to enjoy cupcakes, champagne with lavender simple syrup, and an evening of merry making.

I was so excited to meet so many people who had seen my work online, and introduce myself to many new faces. And, the girls who run Shindig are amazingly kind and generous. 

image via Shindig Paperie

So happy to have been a part of the evening. Little moments like these make me feel more connected to the community and happy to call NWA home :)

October 10, 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different: Antler Animals

Okay, these aren't completely different from my existing body of work, but they are a bit more sophisticated with their stark color pallet. Each antlered animal has a different pattern illustrated on their bodies. A bit hard to see in the initial photos, but here are the close ups:

I especially love the Caribou (they are like reindeer) because the diamond motif reminds me of snow falling on his back.

I decided to have a small run of square tea towels produced with the Caribou illustration. They should be available later this month. Even if no one else likes them and I end up giving them all away as Christmas presents, I really love the design.

Blank note cards will also be available of these illustrations. 

I truly wanted something that felt a little more "grown-up". I started sketching these over the summer when I stayed the week at a cabin in Branson, MO. Glad that I pulled out these unfinished illustrations and gave them some life.

Thanks for reading,