December 28, 2012

What Are You Doing This Weekend?

Hi! How has your holiday been? Hopefully full of family, good food, and a little bit of rest!

I closed my shop down for a whole week! I hadn't done that since the week that I had had Lucy last year! A week off did me a lot of good. I went through my house and donated a lot of things that we really were not using. I cleaned and cooked. Walked on my treadmill a lot.

I really don't have any concept of how to relax!

The picture above is of my dining room. Ah, I miss the days when I used to have time to decorate my house. I always had a home project in the works, waiting to share on the old blog! Lately, though, as my business has grown, I have focused entirely on art and products.

But during my little vacation from work, I felt the old DIY bug creeping up! Maybe I will just paint a bedroom or something and get it out of my system!

Hope you have a great weekend,