June 30, 2010

lunchtime update and new lower shipping

I need to move some merchandise in my Gingiber Etsy Shop, so for a limited time buy an apron or plush, get a free 5x7 print of ANY of my illustrations, even the ones that are 8x10 or larger can be made into a 5x7!

How do you like them apples? I have also reduced the shipping costs on most of my prints, so even more reason to purchase from Gingiber!
I wish I was here, sitting at Panera enjoying a chocolate chip muffy, hazelnut coffee, and the latest issue of LivingEtc.

I know that I promised a kitchen reveal, but I am having trouble finding some "before" pictures. As soon as I locate them, I will have a grand old post devoted to my home renovation excursions!

June 29, 2010

some etsy favs

I have been giddily perusing some excellent etsy shops and wanted to share some of my favorite pieces with you!
Office Letterpress by eighthourday

 Hot Air Balloon Limited Edition Screen by jenskelly

What are some of your favorites from this fine group of prints?

June 28, 2010

papernstitch shop of the day!


If you mosey on over to papernstitch today, you might notice my little Gingiber Etsy shop is the shop of the day!

This is my first attempt at the whole online showcase thing, and right now I am uber excited to see what results I get from being a part of papernstitch.


June 26, 2010

presenting dairy free girl!!!

Ever since miss Violet was diagnosed with a milk allergy, I have been quite frustrated with the lack of attentiveness given to the situation by her day-care. Almost once a week, I pick up Violet and read her "cuddle gram" to see what she has eaten during the day, and she has been given dairy products!

I know that Violet's allergy does not cause some sort of immediate symptom, so perhaps this is why Violet gets overlooked. However, this does not make it right. So, I am on a mission to remind her daycare that dairy is a no-no.

I made this print with the intention of getting it screen printed onto a shirt for her to wear to school until they get the message. What do you think? Too extreme?

Regardless, if you like the print, it is featured in my Gingiber Etsy shop as of tonight. It is a 5x5 print, and is only $10!!!!!

I hope that you like her as much as I do!


June 25, 2010

what's your weekend to do?


Yay for Friday. Violet is in bed, Nathan is napping, and I just hung a door. Makes for a fun Friday Night. The door was nothing special... the previous resident had removed the door between the kitchen and the laundry room and we had never gotten around to putting it back up until now. I will share pictures of my AWESOME kitchen on Sunday, so brace yourselves for pure awesomeness.......

My weekend to-do includes:

1. Find that dining table! (I found a resale shop in town that has great furniture, including the most adorable little telephone table that would be precious in Violet's room)

2. Work on a new print for the Gingiber Shop

3. FINALLY decide on what color to paint my new mirror and my coffee table.

4. Go to a BBQ at a friends house! (That's right, I made a friend here in Arkansas!!!)

What are your weekend plans looking like?


June 23, 2010

kitchen table search

Tonight we will have finished remodeling our kitchen. Oh, we've been working on it for the past year and a half, but it is totally worth it! I will share pictures of the final product this weekend, once I have my computer back!

In the mean time, I now have an itch for a new kitchen table. The one we have was a hand me down. It is nice, but it used to be a craft table, so the oak wood is covered with glitter and glue residue. Here's an idea of what I am wanting:
I really love the lines on this table and chair set (source)
 oh and I really like this table! my favorite poster is even in the background. Don't mind as I drool over those gorgeous wood floors (source)
I really wish I could just import this room into my home and call it a day... isn't it fantastic? (source)
these chairs (source)
with this amazing table (source)
 or something like this (source)
or something romantic like this.., we hardly have any guests anyways... (source)
i say YES to wall to wall pillows! (source)

I have been hunting garage sales and craigslist for my table, but no luck so far. If you live close to me (Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma) and  see a table I would like, hook me up! 

I hope you enjoy the pretty pictures!


June 21, 2010

look what i got in the mail (a bit overdue)

So my sweet blog friend Hannah of B's Wig Shoppe sent me a special little care package in the mail 2 weeks ago, and I have been meaning to show you!
Hannah gave me a copy of "Handmade Marketplace" and one of her own adorable plush owls from her etsy shop.
Violet calls him puppy, but then again, she calls everything puppy, so we will have to come up with a better name for her new pal an a month or two (after we can expand her vocabulary a bit).

Hannah, you such a doll! Thanks for this incredibly sweet gift!

Be sure to check out Hannah's blog when you have a chance! Oh, and she started a food blog called "A Quarter Cup" that I have been thoroughly enjoying as well!

Alright folks!

My laptop is still in the shop..... but at least Apple is paying for the repairs this time! I will not have it back for a week, so I am currently borrowing my husbands big old desktop computer. Posts may be lacking this week, for I haven't the software to edit pictures or work on design *sniffle*.


June 19, 2010

re-store mirror!

Today my hubby and kiddo and I got so much done! Two donation trips to the Goodwill Super Store, 1 donation trip to Best Buy's recycling program, several trips to great garage sales, as well as a craigslist item visit. However, the best thing that came out of our day (aside from spending QT with my family) was this mirror:

Isn't it dreamy? We stopped by the Washington County Re-Store (a "branch" of Habitat for Humanity) to see their new location. All I can say is WOW! There is so much great furniture and appliances available! But this mirror is what stole my heart.

It looks really old. I cannot date it, but it is really heavy and solid wood. It is in excellent condition! Normally I would paint something like this, but it is almost too pretty to touch!

What do you think?

Gotta go!


June 18, 2010

it's father's day weekend! free download

 I will not have my computer this weekend, as it is in the shop.... again. So here is a quick reminder that you can still download this ADORABLE free Father's Day Card, created especially for you!

I hope everyone gets to spend some quality time with their dads!


June 17, 2010

mind your music: the drums

Four out of five indie-snobs agree that if you are really into music and wear your skinny pants as tight as you possibly can, you can listen to the coolest and most exclusive music at any moment, regardless of the time of day, time of year, or temperature. Hold onto your faux Buddy Holly glasses, little hipsters, because that just doesn't fly for me. If it's cold and melancholy, i'm going to listen to Bon Iver. If it's road trip time, i'm rocking out to something i can sing to loudly. And now that it's officially summer time, i can't quit listening to The Drums.


Who Are They: The New York via Florida band was originally just for fun, but now last September released their EP Summertime and have gotten a lot of attention. Their music is a cross between The Beach Boys and 80s new wave ... all wrapped up in a big chew bubble gum pop sound that's super catchy and just a lot of fun. You might have heard something like them before, but when you play that first track and let the bright sunshine popsicle happiness flood your car ... who cares?

Let's Go Surfing

[ And they have awesome concert posters ]

Favorite Songs: The Summertime EP is only composed of seven tracks (hopefully there will be a full album out soon!) and all of them are equally entertaining. My absolute favorites are Let's Go Surfing and Make You Mine

Make You Mine

Makes Me Think Of/ Feels Like: Last day of school, blonde california mop tops, and squirt guns (the bazooka kind yessssss!)

Source: The witty design of Pope Saint Victor, the photography of Superbomba, and The 80s Dating Video i had to put somewhere. So buy the EP, put on a bathing suit, and head for a coast. It doesn't matter how far away the beach might be, The Drum's will get you there.


June 16, 2010

recent design work

I hope you don't mind, but I thought I would share with you some of my recent design work. I have a degree in design arts and rarely use it. But, I have done quite a few identity packages in the last year, so I thought I would share just a few of the business cards for you to see.

1. Nicole Ashleigh Art
I made these cards for Nicole in the beginning of 2010. She is an incredibly talented artists who paints lovely wall murals and also makes adorable baby mobiles. I hope that she still likes them!

2. RubyRoo Photography
New business start up. Also designed letterhead, banner, and basic logo.

3. RubyJu Candy Buffet & Dessert Bars
Another new business start up. Designed letterhead, logo, and banner.

So, if you are interested in having me design logos and letterheads for your small business, send me an email at gingiberdesign (at) gmail (dot) com and I can give you my rates!

Thanks for reading,


June 14, 2010

draw pilgram! have you seen her work?

Have you heard of DrawPilgrim? It is such an adorable etsy shop run by the lovely and talented Piglrim, filled with vintage inspired goodies sweet enough for both you and your little one's room. I just love it! Take a look, won't you?

What do you think?

Be sure to check out Pilgrim's website, DrawPilgrim, for lots of colorful inspiration!


June 11, 2010

the kids are "owl-right"


My Green Owlphabet was featured in this super cute etsy treasury called "the kids are owl-right"!
Check it out! So much cute stuff my think my head is going to explode!!!

Thanks emilyorpin for this beautiful treasury!

I am off to enjoy the weekend away with my dreamy husband!


free father's day card download by gingibersnap

 We are just about a week away from Father's Day! I hope you don't mind, but I have designed a sweet little FREE Father's Day Card for your personal use. Simply Click on the link below and you can download and print out the card! 

I hope that you like it! Who doesn't like free stuff!

June 10, 2010

the patron saint of coffee

Just a quick good morning to you!
I wanted to share with you this INCREDIBLE new illustration by Chris Gerringer of paperbeatsscissors. I am in awe! He is such a talented artist, and so full of creativity it almost makes me sick (just kidding, Chris)!

It is called "The Patron Saint of Coffee", and the text says "wine of the bean" in Arabic. It's a half-parody of Catholic iconography. I think it is absolutely stunning.

If you like it, PLEASE head over to threadless.com and vote for this sweet drawing to be on a T-Shirt.

I love it so much I might just ask Chris if I can buy it as a print to put in my house.

Have a great day!

June 9, 2010

celebrating 4 years of marriage with my best friend

On our Wedding Day in Nathaniel Greene Park
Happiest Bride on EARTH!
Nathan was allowed to grow out his hair until he graduated from Drury University
The Happy Couple!

Nathan, I love you so much! Thanks for 4 amazing years. You are my best friend. You are my perfect match. Thank you for being such a caring father and a perfect balance to my steady stream of neurotic quirks.

Your wifey,

June 8, 2010

mind your music: the national

Hello, everyone! It's Jenna finally! i started a new job and applied to several graduates schools, so i hope you'll excuse my absence. Stacie has been patient with my tardiness and so now i will reward you all with a post to die for! ... i'm kidding of course. However, i am excited to share one of my absolutely favoritest bands - The National.
Who Are They: Originally hailing from Ohio, the five guy ensemble has been around for some time, often writing and playing around regular day jobs. The National's years and maturity show, with incredibly powerful and intelligent lyrics. They have a familiar yet unique sound, and there's something poetic and touching about every note.
Favorite Songs: i love all of The National's albums, each one perfect on its' own and yet somehow increasingly better as the years go by. Their lyrics are so much more than what may come at first listen, and the aesthetic is something weighty and extravagant. The music has a very large and lonely sound ... It's beautiful. i especially love Alligator's "City Middle" and "Mr. November" and their new album High Violet's "England".

Mr. November
Makes Me Think Of/ Feels Like: Anything that leaves you feeling open and abandoned - driving down highways at sunset, empty starry nights over quietly humming cities, the cool cut of the ocean on your lungs, love, sorrow.
Photographic Genius By: Cool Hand Luke,David Wallace, Damien Rayuela, and Tony Katai i highly recommend them. i rarely hear music that leaves me as wistful and aware of the world about me as The National . And i always appreciate things that make me pause and just breathe.


And i'm especially excited because i will get to see The National as well as about a dozen other bands live at Lollapalooza in Chicago, IL this August! My friend and i went last year and there were over 200,000 people. It was such a fun experience! i'll be sure to feature more bands i'm actually going to see in the coming week and take lots of wonderful photos while i'm there ... even if i do have to smuggle my D90 in past the front gate (there's no "professional equipment" allowed). i leave you with happy Lolla photos from 2009 ... if you're in the area, you should definitely go! Until next week!

- Jenna -

June 7, 2010

art for violet's room

I have been dying for an excuse to purchase some artwork from Amy Blackwell. Last weekend, Amy was running a "Buy 2 Get 1 Print Free" special in her blackoutwell etsy shop, and I could not refuse!
I got these lovelies for Violet's room:
I chose these lovely ladies from Amy's "Me and You" series of prints. I like to imagine that one of these girls is what Violet will grow up to look like!

I just wanted to share these special prints with you. Seriously, they are even lovelier in person.

Ta ta!