June 26, 2010

presenting dairy free girl!!!

Ever since miss Violet was diagnosed with a milk allergy, I have been quite frustrated with the lack of attentiveness given to the situation by her day-care. Almost once a week, I pick up Violet and read her "cuddle gram" to see what she has eaten during the day, and she has been given dairy products!

I know that Violet's allergy does not cause some sort of immediate symptom, so perhaps this is why Violet gets overlooked. However, this does not make it right. So, I am on a mission to remind her daycare that dairy is a no-no.

I made this print with the intention of getting it screen printed onto a shirt for her to wear to school until they get the message. What do you think? Too extreme?

Regardless, if you like the print, it is featured in my Gingiber Etsy shop as of tonight. It is a 5x5 print, and is only $10!!!!!

I hope that you like her as much as I do!