June 25, 2010

what's your weekend to do?


Yay for Friday. Violet is in bed, Nathan is napping, and I just hung a door. Makes for a fun Friday Night. The door was nothing special... the previous resident had removed the door between the kitchen and the laundry room and we had never gotten around to putting it back up until now. I will share pictures of my AWESOME kitchen on Sunday, so brace yourselves for pure awesomeness.......

My weekend to-do includes:

1. Find that dining table! (I found a resale shop in town that has great furniture, including the most adorable little telephone table that would be precious in Violet's room)

2. Work on a new print for the Gingiber Shop

3. FINALLY decide on what color to paint my new mirror and my coffee table.

4. Go to a BBQ at a friends house! (That's right, I made a friend here in Arkansas!!!)

What are your weekend plans looking like?