June 17, 2010

mind your music: the drums

Four out of five indie-snobs agree that if you are really into music and wear your skinny pants as tight as you possibly can, you can listen to the coolest and most exclusive music at any moment, regardless of the time of day, time of year, or temperature. Hold onto your faux Buddy Holly glasses, little hipsters, because that just doesn't fly for me. If it's cold and melancholy, i'm going to listen to Bon Iver. If it's road trip time, i'm rocking out to something i can sing to loudly. And now that it's officially summer time, i can't quit listening to The Drums.


Who Are They: The New York via Florida band was originally just for fun, but now last September released their EP Summertime and have gotten a lot of attention. Their music is a cross between The Beach Boys and 80s new wave ... all wrapped up in a big chew bubble gum pop sound that's super catchy and just a lot of fun. You might have heard something like them before, but when you play that first track and let the bright sunshine popsicle happiness flood your car ... who cares?

Let's Go Surfing

[ And they have awesome concert posters ]

Favorite Songs: The Summertime EP is only composed of seven tracks (hopefully there will be a full album out soon!) and all of them are equally entertaining. My absolute favorites are Let's Go Surfing and Make You Mine

Make You Mine

Makes Me Think Of/ Feels Like: Last day of school, blonde california mop tops, and squirt guns (the bazooka kind yessssss!)

Source: The witty design of Pope Saint Victor, the photography of Superbomba, and The 80s Dating Video i had to put somewhere. So buy the EP, put on a bathing suit, and head for a coast. It doesn't matter how far away the beach might be, The Drum's will get you there.