February 27, 2010

what are your sunday goals?

 Hello all!
I had a nice Saturday. I spent most of the day painting my bathroom (pictures tomorrow). I watched Masterpiece Theatre's "Emma", then cuddled with my little Violet (she is sick again).

Best of all, my hubby came home with "The Sound of Music" and wanted to watch it with me! It was so sweet.

Now I am sitting in bed working on some freelance work..... but I really needed a blog break!

Here's my "to do list" for Sunday:
Finish decorating my bathroom
Sew another apron
Make my screens for a new screenprinting project
Bake something... feeling domestic (and I just love this picture of Audrey)

What are your Sunday goals?


(image sources: weheartit and instructables)

February 26, 2010

the winner of the print is..................

Lucky number 15! Brenda wrote:
Spring.....Running in the parks, playing with the kids..all the pretty flowers...getting out the new camera..so many inspirations to kick my creativity in gear....spring break at my sisters with all the cousins...no more dreary days....just to name a few....can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!
 Congrats Brenda! Just e-mail me your contact information and choice of print from my Gingiber Etsy to gingiberdesign (@) gmail (dot) com and I will get it in the mail. 

Yay, thanks to everyone who participated in my little giveaway!
I hope everyone has the best Friday ever!


February 25, 2010

spring is the theme

So tonight at Midnight the comments section will be closed for entering to win my giveaway of a print of your choice from my Gingiber Etsy Shop! (Click HERE to still enter). Let me just say that you all have me in the spring time spirit with your favorite pastimes for our most lovely of upcoming seasons.
 Today was a lovely day. Violet and I woke up, ate cheerios, and swayed to the music of "She & Him". Literally. My baby girl knows how to move to the music! After work I learne even more of what a genious my child is. I gave her an Oreo, to which she opened, ate only the creamy center, and then put the two chocolate wafers back together. BRILLIANT!

Anyways, I will be announcing the winner of  giveaway here at "GingiberSnap" tomorrow morning.

Thanks for reading!


February 23, 2010

two giveaways, so little time


I want to say a special hello to those who are new here stopping by from "Smile and Wave". 

Here's a chance to enter not one, but two GingiberSnap giveaways! Here's how:

1. Rachel at "Smile and Wave" has generously allowed me to offer a giveaway on her blog. Check out her blog to enter.
2. I am also offering a giveaway HERE at "GingiberSnap" to coincide with the "Smile and Wave" giveaway.
*************Here's How to Enter*****************
Just leave a comment below telling me your favorite thing to do in the Springtime is, and we can all wishfully wait for the winter weather to be done together!
The winner will receive a print of their choice from my Gingiber Etsy shop. Comments will be closed Feb. 25th and a winner announced Feb. 26th!

Have a super day, and again, thanks soooo much for visiting!


February 22, 2010

exhausting weekend

So, friends. My weekend was so full, but I do not have any pictures to show for it (silly me for leaving my camera at home). I traveled to Springfield, MO for the 3rd time in a week, and probably will be taking a break from my road trips for a good long while. I went to a co-workers retirement dinner (and Miss Violet was not such a peach out in public). Yesterday, I had this burst of energy, so I painted my front door, sewed a new apron, and attempted to redecorate my entire bathroom (that one I will have to finish today, but Pictures are coming soon!).

And as always, I did some major internet window shopping, looking, no buying. Here are some of my favorites right now:

This dress from Mod Cloth
This screenprinted poster  from Village (I know it has been featured on all the design blogs and the beloved Domino Magazine for years, but I still want it hanging in my living room).
These absolutely stunning monochromatic plates from Anthropologie.
There is a sale at Jonathan Adler for furniture... It is at times like this I wonder why Jonathan Adler does not just pick up everything and relocate to Arkansas... ya know? We are the classy State...

How was your weekend? Did you go window shopping too?


February 20, 2010

nice weather for ducks

I love this song and video. Today made me think of it. 

Have a fantastic rest of the weekend.


February 19, 2010

happy friday


Happy Friday! I found this print on etsy today and I just love the colors. I am thinking of starting a weekly feature on my little blog. So many things are already done... you know? Music. Fashion.....

I need some suggestions.

What would you like to see on my blog's weekly feature?

I am getting ready to go to a co-workers retirement party. I cannot imagine actually being retired. Sure, it sounds alluring.... watching my soap operas all day whilst eating some Swanson's boxed meals, waiting for the moment that Pat Sajak and Vanna White will be spinning the wheel at 6:00 PM..... (I kid, I am sure retirement it so much more than this)

Regardless, when I grow old, I dream of living in a quaint European city starting every morning by tending to my garden, then eating cake everyday at noon, followed by a leisurely walk with the hubster.

Alright, enough dreaming. Time to go eat some food, then time to strategize about the future of GingiberSnap.

February 18, 2010

i need your input... seriously

Hello my friends.

Today, I will share with you my biggest home frustration: my chimney.
As you can see, my chimney was painted white... put due to a slow water leak, the paint, inside of the chimney, and surrounding flooring was destroyed. Can I tell you how sad this made me?

Well, now we have fixed the leak (Lord willing), and are in the process of replacing the flooring. However, I really do not know what color to repaint the pealing chimney.

It will really take way too long to strip the fireplace. Plus, this room has like zero natural light (sad face.... you do not know how much I love windows). I really would love to paint it a pretty blue or gray, but really cannot trust my judgment. Every decision I have made for this house stylistically has just not worked.

I turn to you, readers. What color should I paint it. Do you have ideas or pictures of pretty fireplaces?

Please email them to me at gingiberdesign (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thanks in advance.


February 16, 2010

great furniture finds on etsy

So tonight I bring to you some lovely pieces of furniture that are for sale over at etsy. I wish that I had the money to drop on some of these pieces..... don't you think that they would look lovely in my living room?
First up are these incredibly cool stools from etsy shop wrightathomevintage. I just adore the teal color against the crisp white wall.
This chair at 3finegrains is incredible! As a wannabe upholsterer, I love how this chair features up-cycled utilitarian fabric combined with the elegant curves of the arms and legs.
So I know that turquoise is the color of the year, as declared by Pantone. I am loving this turquoise hutch at bluebirdheaven. I have an Ethan Allen hutch that I have been tempted to paint just this color, but I cannot work up the nerve to do it. Maybe I will just purchase this hutch instead.
These stools from fabulousmess are so clean and modern. I think that they would be cute in my daughter's room.
 This couch from ThistleFinch is my new best friend. Anyone who has seen my house knows that I have never met a pattern that I didn't think should be upholstered on a couch. I love everything about this couch. The colors, the birdies... now that I think of it... it reminds me of this armchair that my grandma has... I will ponder upon that...

So what do you think? Who wants to buy me some of these pretties?


February 15, 2010

i am tired of sick days

Okay, this has gotten downright silly. My sweet daughter has had at least 10 ear infections since starting daycare in August. Today she was incredibly sick. So even though she was at the doctor's office on Friday, we went back today, only to find out that Miss Violet has a perforated eardrum!!!!!


She is such a trooper, but she has been lying in her crib just staring at the ceiling. She is in so much pain.

The only plus side to this is that we get lots of cuddle time.
It is an early bedtime for us tonight. Nathan Violet, and the dogs are already tucked in.

Night Night!

February 14, 2010

layered pillow tutorial

So I really like this cardigan by J CREW (I first saw it in Lucky Magazine). 
 I bottled up that inspiration and made this pillow. It is less ruffly, but gets that same layered effect that is cute and feminine! This is how I did it.
1. I used a 14 inch pillow. Cut two 18 inch squares of fabric and set aside(one piece for the back of the pillow, and one piece for the front where the layers of fabric will be attached). 

2. Next, I cut several strips of 4 inch wide fabric of varying lengths. I used about 24 strips of fabric.
3. Next, I folded the fabric in half and ironed it so that the folded edge was nice and crisp
4. I took the front square of fabric that I previously cut and began laying my folded fabric strips on the diagonal of the fabric, sewing each strip onto the fabric with my sewing machine. By starting on one corner and layering until I was all the way across the pillow I got this really great pleated effect (this required much more fabric than if I had laid it straight across the pillow, but I really like the look).
5. Now grab the other square of fabric that has not been used yet (this will be the back of your pillow). Take both squares and pin them together so that the outside of the pillow faces inward. Now use your sewing machine to sew around the squares (be sure to only sew 3 of the four sides).
6. Turn the squares right side out so that everything is facing as is should be. Now take your pillow and stuff it through the open end of the pillowcase. Once the pillow is in place, sew it closed by hand.
7. Finished! I hope that you like it. 

love and a bit of loss

First, sorry for my absence the past few days. Not only did I have a super duper time in Springfield with my dear friend, Jenna, but I have been busy with a few craft projects... one of which I want to share with you later today!

However, on this Valentine's Day, my heart is heavy. Two people in my life died this week. I guess both were sudden. Death is like having someone remove a little piece of your soul, because after someone dies, you feel a bit emptier than you did before, right?  I have not really had that many people I know die. And, I really do not wish to make this a sympathy post. However, I cannot emphasize enough how fragile life is. I want to live fully. I want to embrace the challenges that I face, because they will shape me and surely make me stronger and wiser. 

Wow, what a downer of a post for Valentine's Day. I will be back later today with a pretty fun little pillow tutorial!

Thanks for reading,


(image source "weheartit")

February 11, 2010

tomorrow is gonna be super!

I am so excited for Friday....... Why?
Because I am gonna spend the day with my bestest gal pal Jenna! 
I get to go to my favorite coffee shop (Mud House) and eat some yummy food (I hope at Tea Bar and Bites).
Oh, and I am going to post some pretty pictures from British Elle Home Decor and Living Etc. just because I am always on the look for inspiring images!

I hope that your day will be as awesome as mine!