February 25, 2010

spring is the theme

So tonight at Midnight the comments section will be closed for entering to win my giveaway of a print of your choice from my Gingiber Etsy Shop! (Click HERE to still enter). Let me just say that you all have me in the spring time spirit with your favorite pastimes for our most lovely of upcoming seasons.
 Today was a lovely day. Violet and I woke up, ate cheerios, and swayed to the music of "She & Him". Literally. My baby girl knows how to move to the music! After work I learne even more of what a genious my child is. I gave her an Oreo, to which she opened, ate only the creamy center, and then put the two chocolate wafers back together. BRILLIANT!

Anyways, I will be announcing the winner of  giveaway here at "GingiberSnap" tomorrow morning.

Thanks for reading!