February 14, 2010

layered pillow tutorial

So I really like this cardigan by J CREW (I first saw it in Lucky Magazine). 
 I bottled up that inspiration and made this pillow. It is less ruffly, but gets that same layered effect that is cute and feminine! This is how I did it.
1. I used a 14 inch pillow. Cut two 18 inch squares of fabric and set aside(one piece for the back of the pillow, and one piece for the front where the layers of fabric will be attached). 

2. Next, I cut several strips of 4 inch wide fabric of varying lengths. I used about 24 strips of fabric.
3. Next, I folded the fabric in half and ironed it so that the folded edge was nice and crisp
4. I took the front square of fabric that I previously cut and began laying my folded fabric strips on the diagonal of the fabric, sewing each strip onto the fabric with my sewing machine. By starting on one corner and layering until I was all the way across the pillow I got this really great pleated effect (this required much more fabric than if I had laid it straight across the pillow, but I really like the look).
5. Now grab the other square of fabric that has not been used yet (this will be the back of your pillow). Take both squares and pin them together so that the outside of the pillow faces inward. Now use your sewing machine to sew around the squares (be sure to only sew 3 of the four sides).
6. Turn the squares right side out so that everything is facing as is should be. Now take your pillow and stuff it through the open end of the pillowcase. Once the pillow is in place, sew it closed by hand.
7. Finished! I hope that you like it.