February 16, 2010

great furniture finds on etsy

So tonight I bring to you some lovely pieces of furniture that are for sale over at etsy. I wish that I had the money to drop on some of these pieces..... don't you think that they would look lovely in my living room?
First up are these incredibly cool stools from etsy shop wrightathomevintage. I just adore the teal color against the crisp white wall.
This chair at 3finegrains is incredible! As a wannabe upholsterer, I love how this chair features up-cycled utilitarian fabric combined with the elegant curves of the arms and legs.
So I know that turquoise is the color of the year, as declared by Pantone. I am loving this turquoise hutch at bluebirdheaven. I have an Ethan Allen hutch that I have been tempted to paint just this color, but I cannot work up the nerve to do it. Maybe I will just purchase this hutch instead.
These stools from fabulousmess are so clean and modern. I think that they would be cute in my daughter's room.
 This couch from ThistleFinch is my new best friend. Anyone who has seen my house knows that I have never met a pattern that I didn't think should be upholstered on a couch. I love everything about this couch. The colors, the birdies... now that I think of it... it reminds me of this armchair that my grandma has... I will ponder upon that...

So what do you think? Who wants to buy me some of these pretties?