February 19, 2010

happy friday


Happy Friday! I found this print on etsy today and I just love the colors. I am thinking of starting a weekly feature on my little blog. So many things are already done... you know? Music. Fashion.....

I need some suggestions.

What would you like to see on my blog's weekly feature?

I am getting ready to go to a co-workers retirement party. I cannot imagine actually being retired. Sure, it sounds alluring.... watching my soap operas all day whilst eating some Swanson's boxed meals, waiting for the moment that Pat Sajak and Vanna White will be spinning the wheel at 6:00 PM..... (I kid, I am sure retirement it so much more than this)

Regardless, when I grow old, I dream of living in a quaint European city starting every morning by tending to my garden, then eating cake everyday at noon, followed by a leisurely walk with the hubster.

Alright, enough dreaming. Time to go eat some food, then time to strategize about the future of GingiberSnap.