February 14, 2010

love and a bit of loss

First, sorry for my absence the past few days. Not only did I have a super duper time in Springfield with my dear friend, Jenna, but I have been busy with a few craft projects... one of which I want to share with you later today!

However, on this Valentine's Day, my heart is heavy. Two people in my life died this week. I guess both were sudden. Death is like having someone remove a little piece of your soul, because after someone dies, you feel a bit emptier than you did before, right?  I have not really had that many people I know die. And, I really do not wish to make this a sympathy post. However, I cannot emphasize enough how fragile life is. I want to live fully. I want to embrace the challenges that I face, because they will shape me and surely make me stronger and wiser. 

Wow, what a downer of a post for Valentine's Day. I will be back later today with a pretty fun little pillow tutorial!

Thanks for reading,


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