April 13, 2013

Thank You

Just wanted to say "Thank You"..... read more by clicking here.

April 8, 2013

A New Website And A New Blog

Today we launched our brand new Gingiber website! Along with this change comes a brand new, spiffy blog. All of our existing content has been transferred to www.gingiber.com/blog, and from now on it will be our home.

Be sure to update your feed/bookmark/bloglovin with our new blog url. 

Beautiful things are happening at Gingiber. And we are so thankful that we have you with us on this journey. 

Cheers and thanks,


April 6, 2013

Gingiber Website Launching on Monday!

You guys, I am so excited about Monday! Why? Because Gingiber will officially have a website! That is right! Be sure to bookmark www.gingiber.com, because beginning Monday, you will be able to find all things Gingiber there!

And to celebrate, ever single order placed next week will receive this Exclusive "Je T'aime" heart print with their order!

Please stop by the new website on Monday. Let me know what you think! 

(p.s. for the time being we are still selling exclusively on Etsy. Later we will add the eCommerce store to gingiber.com)


April 2, 2013

Lion Pillow Pre-Order and Other Dribbles

Hi! I recently made this adorable custom lion pillow for a customer, and it turned out so lovely, I decided to offer them in the Gingiber Etsy Shop

(The cute pig pillow in the background will be available soon). I am really excited to expand the Gingiber Pillow selection :)

In other news, the little family and I have been spending a lot of quality time together. Mostly revolving around weekend trips to Bentonville for Indian food. I finally painted my bedroom a lovely shade of gray and purchased some new bedding (our old bedding had holes in it).

Oh, and total sidenote: I've lost 19 pounds! I have this silly Thyroid condition, and after months of changing medications and trying to get healthy, I've found a nice rhythm. I feel really really good :) A personal victory.

What's new with ya'll?