October 11, 2012

Recent Show at Shindig Paperie

Image via The Little Craft Show

Hi! I am not very good at writing about the day to day portions of my life. So I thought I would write about a show I had last Thursday at Shindig Paperie, here in Fayetteville, AR. Artist Natalie Freeman and I were invited to be featured artists at Shindig, coinciding with the First Thrusday Art Walk. 

Natalie and I both showed up wearing adorable red frocks (it was not planned but we looked mighty fine), and many of our friends came out to enjoy cupcakes, champagne with lavender simple syrup, and an evening of merry making.

I was so excited to meet so many people who had seen my work online, and introduce myself to many new faces. And, the girls who run Shindig are amazingly kind and generous. 

image via Shindig Paperie

So happy to have been a part of the evening. Little moments like these make me feel more connected to the community and happy to call NWA home :)