October 10, 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different: Antler Animals

Okay, these aren't completely different from my existing body of work, but they are a bit more sophisticated with their stark color pallet. Each antlered animal has a different pattern illustrated on their bodies. A bit hard to see in the initial photos, but here are the close ups:

I especially love the Caribou (they are like reindeer) because the diamond motif reminds me of snow falling on his back.

I decided to have a small run of square tea towels produced with the Caribou illustration. They should be available later this month. Even if no one else likes them and I end up giving them all away as Christmas presents, I really love the design.

Blank note cards will also be available of these illustrations. 

I truly wanted something that felt a little more "grown-up". I started sketching these over the summer when I stayed the week at a cabin in Branson, MO. Glad that I pulled out these unfinished illustrations and gave them some life.

Thanks for reading,