October 1, 2012

Indie Emporium Recap

I spent the weekend in Tulsa, OK as a vendor at Indie Emporium. This was my 1st out of state craft show, and it was fantastic!

The show was busy. Super busy. Which is fabulous. And I got to meet so many online friends in person. I had a table set up and was so thrilled with how my products were received. I spend so much of my time in my office, isolated from people. Just getting out of my element and watching people's faces as they walked up to my booth reminded me why I do what I do. I love making art that people also enjoy!

My onesies were a hit! I was thrilled with how many sold! With any new product, there is a bit of a financial investment. Now I have broken even on that front. Which feels really really good. Many people really enjoyed the new Tis The Season Deer illustration. I am excited to explore this style a bit more in the future.

Oh, and actress Juliette Lewis came by the show and bought several items from my pal Kate of Little Things Studio! I was soooo thrilled for her! Kate and I are pictured above.

But, probably the highlight of the entire show for everyone who attended was my amazingly awesome allergic reaction to cilantro. It is so strange, but I never knew I was allergic until Saturday afternoon when I had 2 cilantro chicken tacos for lunch. Emphasis on cilantro. I became violently ill, which resulted in my having to be away from my booth for hours. 

How did I not know I was allergic? Well, my mom is allergic to cilantro, so she never cooked with it growing up. My sister is allergic, too. And now that I think of it, any time I go to a Mexican restaurant and eat salsa, I get ill, too... No time like the present to discover a new food allergy.

As I told my new Indie Emporium friends, the way you get to know me best is if I am vomiting in the bathroom :) 

Onto other highlights, while I was sick and unable to run my booth, my darling sister took care of everything for me. She is a great little saleswoman, and graciously opted to stay the entire day with me at my table instead of going home to her own family. She is the best. I love her so much!

Sunday morning several of the artists met up for brunch. I had a blast being with everyone and just hanging out! 

That is my little recap. I feel better now that all of the cilantro is out of my system ;) Thanks to everyone who dropped by my table to say "hello"! Cannot wait for next year.