November 27, 2012

My Husband is Dr. Bloomfield and Other Happenings

Hey! How are you all doing?

I am doing really well. In part due to many of you who purchased an item or two over the holiday shopping weekend. Thank you for enjoying my art and supporting my small business.

The last time I wrote here, it was around my girls' birthday. Since then, my husband Nathan has defended his dissertation! He is now Dr. Bloomfield :) And yes, I am updating all of our mail correspondence to read "Dr. & Mrs. Bloomfield". I am exceedingly happy for him. He has been working on his PhD for so many years. Graduation is in December.

We are in the midst of job hunting. Nathan has applied to 20 schools and has at least 20 more applications to complete in December. Some of the jobs are as close as Conway, AR. Perhaps the furthest job is in Washington State. We've been told how competitive the job market is. like 500 people apply for every single opening for Assistant Professors in Mathematics.

Maybe I am naive, but I am really hopeful that Nathan has the perfect job waiting for him.

And with all of this waiting, not knowing if we will be moving in August or not, I find myself seriously thinking about the next steps for the business. I've grown as much as I can where I currently am. Meaning, I don't know how much more I can do on my own. Eventually I will need a full-time employee to handle day to day things so that I can focus on what I am best at: being creative. I have some help right now sewing pillow throughout the holiday season. And it is helpful. I am trying to hire an accountant for the books. I am even looking at renting some space outside of my house to create a great workspace.

I keep thinking to myself that maybe the wise thing to do would be to wait to act until Nathan and I know if we will be moving. But that is still like 8 months away. So why stand still? Hoping to find a 6 month lease somewhere nearby.

Anyways, I sure that there are many many other things that I should have mentioned, but right now this is what is on my mind!

Thanks for stopping by,