November 6, 2012

Birthday Week

This week both of my girls celebrate birthdays. Lucy will be 1 year old on Sunday, and miss Violet turned 4 yesterday!

We went to visit Springfield, MO a couple of weeks ago and visited the park that Nathan and I were married. So we snapped up a bunch of pictures of the girls. I really need to take more pictures :)

It is getting harder and harder to snap pictures of Violet. She is such a bundle of life and sass! She is a very grown up 4 year old, and I really do adore her. The way she uses words that are years beyond her comprehension. The way she tells me that she prefers biscotti to cookies and coffee to chocolate milk (I've never given her coffee but she thinks that she could handle it). She is sharp, and caring, and really lovely. And a fantastic big sister.

 Lucy is pure sugar. Seriously. Happy. Baby. She doesn't say too many words yet, but the one word she has mastered is "HAPPY"! She says it first thing in the morning. She adores her sister. I love everything about this child. The way she crawls towards me and puts her head in my lap for a hug. The way she loves stuffed animals and tackle hugs them. She is my precious brown haired, dark blue eyed girl. Life would not be complete without her in my life. 

And I have yet to get a nice smiling picture of these girls together. But they are both just so lovely. I love that they love each other. I love that they are so different and bring balance to our home. 

I really have no pictures of me and the girls. I need to take a family picture soon! But I love this little snapshot. Gosh, I feel old. I am only 26, but I see it more in pictures now. In my eyes. In the strands of grey hair I find when I am brushing my hair. And yet there is so much life in front of me. With these kids. With Nathan. I am really so fortunate and happy. 

So happy birthday, sweet Violet and Lucy. I adore you. 

- Mom