November 1, 2012


I can't even remember the last time that I blogged. This past month has been the best for me and Gingiber (we are one and the same). Having an intern tremendously freed up some time for me to think about what I want to do next.

And I have somehow settled on drawing dogs. Lots of dogs. If you will allow me to ramble for a moment: I love dogs. They are all I used to draw when I was a little girl. And really I cannot believe that I haven't been drawing pups for Gingiber until now.

Another upside of having an intern: those pesky little things that I have grown to despise about running a business, such as hand sewing pillows, or packaging, I can hand over to my intern. This allows me time to draw, handle the backend of business, and really think and plan out business ventures.

Side note: as quickly as I announced my new intern, I had to start looking for a new one! Kaitlyn found a full time job (totally great for her). I am interviewing 2 potential candidates tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Back to the dogs: I cannot decide specifically what I want to do once I finish drawing like every possible dog that strikes my fancy. A part of me wants to try and self publish an educational book about dogs for children. Another part of me wants to save all of them for something like Surtex and try to license them. 

Anyways, I am really happy to feel inspired to draw. I love it. Doodling away. I am never happier!

What is going on with you? Seriously! This blog has been sad and quiet for far to long and I want to hear from all 3 of you who are still reading this GingiberSnap blog ;)