March 17, 2011

Made: Chicken Wire Lamp Shade

Hello! First, can I say a huge THANK YOU for all of your sweet comments regarding my last post, Past and Present. I was overwhelmed with your kind words and support. You are the best readers and friends ever.

The other day I was home sick (boo), but if you know me, I have trouble sitting still. So, I decided to finally rip the fabric off of an old lampshade and wrap it in some chicken wire left over from my last lighting experiment.

As far as projects go, this one was SUPER easy! All I needed were some wire clippers to cut my chicken wire to size. Then I simply wrapped said wire around the lamp shade frame and bend the edges of the wire so that they wrapped around both ends of the lamp shade, leaving a smooth edge!

The results are sort of industrial, and I really love it! I know it doesn't do much in terms of light diffusion, it is definitely pretty! And I did not have to spend a penny!

What do you guys think? Violet feels very passionately that you like it.... or else (she's the decorating enforcer, you know)