May 19, 2010

Mind Your Music: Teddy Bears

Ohhhhh Monty Python, you never said words more true!
Official second post! Your lovely blogger at Gingiber has given me full permission to write about whatever music i choose, which quite possibly could be disastrous as i can listen to things that seem to be completely unrelated and all over the place! However, i feel like one thing i can offer is vastly different kinds of music for your ears, for no other reason than variety. So that brings me to a new fun favorite: Teddy Bears
Who Are They: The Swedish group was originally a grindcore band called Skull (not my thing in the slightest!), but somewhere along the line began incorporating techno and now have fully reworked themselves into a electronia dance party of awesomeness. i'm not a particular expert on this sort of music or the European music scene, but it's not hard to enjoy Teddy Bear's crazy beats and catchy lyrics.
Favorite Songs: Is it silly to say all of them? I suppose so, but it's really true. They are great "driving in the car" music as well as when i need to go for a long distance run and just don't feel like i have the energy. They are also fantastic for when i'm walking around a city and want to feel cooler than i am ... and i need all the help i can get! This song gets stuck in my head every time i listen to it, but pretty much all of Teddy Bear's music is too much fun.

Get Mama A House

They also apparently have an album of covers which i haven't heard yet but am incredibly excited about. Their album "Devil's Music" isn't quite out yet, but is set to release officially this summer. i've also read that they wear these giant teddy bear masks when they play live ... which to me makes them even cooler!

Makes Me Think Of / Feels Like: City subways in the hot, hot summer, London club scene, and road trips! Somehow this kind of music also has a connection with really vibrant graphic design to me, especially work out of Europe. For me Teddy Bears is the audible answer to great artists like these:

Whether or not Teddy Bears is your type of wild party night ride, they are really worth listening to. It's also fun to discover music like this that hasn't quite hit it big yet ... and i have a feeling Teddy Bears definitely will.
Devil's Music