May 2, 2010

the gameplan for violet's room, take a look!

So a few weeks ago I mentioned that I was working on an idea board for Violet's room redesign. Today I will reveal to you phase 1!
1. Antiqued Birdcage Mirror from Ballard Designs
2. I Love You, Ditto pair of prints by Gingiber (my shop...)
3. Gaggle of Girls by AshleyG
4. Optical Illusion Quilt by Just Love to Quilt
5. Pink Bird Seed Fabric purchased from Downstairs Design (Fabric By Alexander Henry)
7. Telephone Girl print by theblackapple
8. Silhouette Print Lampshade by smilaprojekt
1. Mellow Hummingbird Curtain by Anthropologie
2. Coffee Sack Pillow Cover by BrinandNohl
3. Sibly Floor Lamp by Anthropologie
4. Thinking of You by blackoutwell
5. Dear You, Sing Me a Song by blackoutwell
6. Portrait of a Badger by blackoutwell

Violet's room is already painted this nice aqua color, so I am trying to create a room that is feminine, but still coordinates with the strong wall color. I am really loving the rose red colors, grounded with splashes of dark brown. Also, years ago I saw the color combo of red, blue, with a nice accent of green in Domino Magazine, and have been dying for a chance to try it out in my own home.

Some items, particularly those from Anthropologie, will serve as inspiration pieces, because I do not think I can afford them at this time.

I hope that you enjoy! Let me know what you think? Will miss Violet like this! And, at the pace I am moving, can I pull it off before she is a teenager?