May 27, 2010

exciting gingiber news!

If you live in the Columbia, South Carolina area, my Gingiber Artwork will be sold soon at brand new store called "PackRats"! I am beyond thrilled!

This is my first consignment work, and let me tell you that it is a HUGE confidence booster. I have tried to get my work sold in other stores, but no one has been interested. This time, Rachael (who sells on etsy under the shop "softspoken") contacted little old me! She will be selling 6 of my prints:

I hope it is okay to speak about it on here, but I so happy I could not keep quiet.
I have been a little worker bee this evening, printing and packaging all of the prints.

So, I have been really down for several weeks, and this boosted my spirit so much! It really means a lot when a complete stranger seeks you out because they like your product!

That is all!

Have a wonderful evening!