May 17, 2010

cute storage

So I love the look of a reclaimed locker used for household storage. Someday when I have a larger home, I would love to have a mudroom and use lockers to store my kid's stuff. 
Living Etc (my favorite decorating magazine from across the pond) had a little feature on the subject of toy storage and reminded me of the locker idea. Perhaps I should go searching through the graveyard that is Northwest Arkansas Flee Markets and see if I can find something salvageable? Yes, I should do this indeed. Here are a few other pretty storage lockers:
This pretty pink locker from Rachel Denbow's lovely home
I think I would have to paint my locker green. My whole house used to be bright green, but that was when I lived in a home with lots of windows, and the sunlight made the saturated color seem peaceful. I painted my current home the same green. However, I learned the hard way that different homes have different needs. This home wanted white walls..... I digress... A splash of green could do this home some good.

I worked a 12 hour day at work, and I am certain I have several more in sight for the remainder of the week. Nathan and Violet came to visit me. They brought pizza and it was a lot of fun having them around while I finished up some projects for my day job. 

I cannot wait for the weekend, and it is only Monday! Sigh...