October 6, 2011

33 Weeks Pregnant (Featuring Vanilla and Lace)

Stop, in the name of LOVE! Seriously, I am smitten with my brand new, handmade dress from Vanilla and Lace.

I bought the Lucy Pevensie dress more as a post pregnancy treat, as I am 33 weeks pregnant and never dreamed that it would fit my body in the current state. However, when I got home from work and saw that my beautiful dress had arrived, I could not wait to try it on ;)

And it fit like a glove. Perfection. Flattering in every way (the hubster says he especially likes it)!

I especially love the Peter Pan Collar. I feel so dainty in this dress :) I couldn't help but tie a little yellow ribbon in my hair! This may be my go to dress for the rest of pregnancy.

I might even order another one just like it in a different fabric, as I think that it will fit my post pregnancy body just as well!

Kudos to Abi, the master behind Vanilla and Lace. Thank you for making me feel so pretty :)