October 13, 2011

I Love You So (Husband) and The Black Apple

I love these cards so much! Heck, who am I kidding, I am such a sucker for hand drawn typography. Add a lovely border around it and I am smitten!

The cards are sweet and delicate. I think I need them. Because I need to send one to my husband. You see, I have been what you would call a tad hormonal the past few..... months?

Blame pregnancy.

or not.

Regardless, I have not been as nice to my sweetheart as I should be. I've been tired after work and quite irritable. And what does Nathan do in response? He asks me how he can help me and makes me pancakes.

He sleeps on the floor in Violet's room so that I don't have to wake up with  her at night.

He does the dishes. Without being asked.

He even rides with me to Lowes at 9 PM because I get a hankering to purchase some new lightbulbs that mimic daylight!?

The other day, Nathan gently mentions, "So... this pregnancy has been a bit more rough than the last one, eh?"

Poor, sweet, wonderful husband.

He deserves a card for sure. And then some ;)