October 21, 2011

Lucy's Handmade Mobile

I knew from the get go with this nursery that I wanted to make a pretty mobile for Lucy girl. I consulted with my mathematician hubby, and he and I agreed that stellated dodecahedra were the way to go! In case you don't know, these star shapes are made entirely from folding a single piece of paper and then gluing it closed. Something most mathletes find pretty darn nifty.

We used this downloadable pattern for the stars.

I spray-painted the pretty stars with gold paint, then secured them to a spare embroidery hoop with pink yarn and some paper clips.

Violet approves of the stars! She told me that there was a Nathan star, a Stacie star, a Violet star, and a Lucy star! Oh that kid of mine, melts my heart!

I really really love this simple mobile. It was made using things that we already had around the house. And Nathan helped me think of the design! Team Bloomfield is on the prowl :)

Oh, and look at the gorgeous shadows these pretty stars leave on the wall! I think that Lucy will LOVE it!