October 14, 2011

Lucy's Etsy Registry

In a perfectly lovely world, everyone (not just our little handmade community) would know about all of the AMAZING items available on Etsy :)

I have a baby shower coming up, and really really wish that my friends and family would shop from Lucy's Etsy Registry (*hint hint relatives who are currently reading my blog*)!

Shameless request to put on the blogosphere, I know. 

Some of my favorite items are from sellers like katedurkin, la factoria plastica, and niftykidstuff.

Seriously, drooling over that paper mache sheep head..... 

To view my complete registry, click here!

Shopping on Etsy, especially when the items are already highlighted for you, is just as easy as shopping online at Target or Wal-Mart (or at least close to being as easy). Plus, I would love it if my friends and family learned about how awesome handmade is and supported our growing community!

Okay, that is it for now :)