October 18, 2011

Quick Hello!

Hi, friends!

Just popping in to say hello. Life has been a little bit crazy all of the sudden. I have been having some preterm labor symptoms over the past 2 days, and am preparing for the very real possibility that Lucy could arrive sooner than anticipated.

My doctor has told me that at this point it is still a waiting game. I can still go to work and go about my business. However, I am taking the day today to finish as much on my to-do list as possible, ya know, in case Lucy decides to make these contractions more consistent and come into this world :)

I will keep you updated. Honestly, I am trying to not be too anxious, as I still have 5 weeks left till my due date. All of this could calm down and amount to nothing.....

Who knows what will happen!

Have a lovely day,