October 9, 2011

Gone Tenting

My mother came to visit over the weekend. She's the best! Somehow, she always manages to create the most special moments for Violet. Sometimes they bake cupcakes. Other times they will blow bubbles in the back yard. This time, she built a tent for Violet to play in.

My mother is super fun! Violet loved snuggling in a blanket and watching Gummy Bears on a mini dvd player.

Since this is a very temporary tent (held up by our kitchen chairs and her dresser), Nathan and I want to build her something similar, but more substantial for her birthday. I showed Nathan Rachel Denbow's super cute Tee Pee tutorial, and he is totally down for building one for Violet!

This weekend was just the right amount of fun and relaxation. Sometimes, I need to take a break from work and Gingiber to simply spend time with family and live life! I sat in the backyard with my daughter while she played with fallen leaves. Did a bit of decorating. Soul sharing with my mother. I love these special moments :)