September 30, 2011

Before: Reupholstery Project

It has been, oh, 2 years since I have had the time or need to reupholster a piece of furniture. But now the girls' room needs a cozy chair to cuddle in and read books, so I scoured Craigslist to find some sort of armchair in need of some TLC.

Let me tell you, in Arkansas (at least in my experience) it was really hard to find a chair with decent lines! but I finally lucked out with this lovely 1960's low profile lounge chair. Sure, the fabric is in really bad shape (the previous owner had paid a bundle to have it recovered, only to have their pet destroy the fabric).

I am planning on recovering this in a heavy weight lemon colored fabric. No pattern, as the girls' room already has a large chevron rug, so I don't want the room to be too busy.

I have less than 2 months until Lucy arrives, so *hopefully* I will have this project completed within a few weeks time and share the results with you!

Wish me luck :)