September 28, 2010

tuesday giveaway: dear colleen tote and rosette

Dear Colleen Giveaway! 
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Pretty in pink...

"Here's a fun fact, did you know that traditionally in western culture that pink was the colour for boys and blue was for girls? Really someone told me on telly so it must be true. Pink was considered related to red so more masculine and strong, while blue was though more appropriate for girls because it's delicate and dainty, or related to the Virgin Mary. It wasn't until around the 1940s that the colours were switched. It's funny that something we understand as fact, is actually relatively new and no where near as traditional as we think. 
Anyway you're maybe wondering why I'm muttering on about pink, let me explain I'm Colleen and I run a little etsy shop called Dear Colleen and when Stacie asked me to do a little give-away on her blog I though a pinked themed parcel would be fun... there is a good chance that you're reading this in the States where I'm sure your mind is turning to autumn with all it'll beautiful rich hues. Well I'm based in New Zealand and we're just breaking into joyous bright spring and for me spring is a pink time of year, baby bunnies, blossom, happy, pink. 

Up for grabs in today's give-away is a pink 'skills to pay the bills' tote bag, a limited edition two tone pink 'LOSER' rosette and a navy and blue little button pin, which says 'Hello Sailor'. I hope there is at least one pink item here that would brighten up your day."

Thanks, Colleen, for this FANTASTIC giveaway! I am a bit sad that I cannot win it.... but am super excited for my readers to get a chance to own all of this loot! Seriously, Colleen is one talented, hilarious artist! Her prints, totes, and tea towels are so cheerful and funny! I love everything in her shop!

***to enter, simply leave a comment on this blog. That's it!***

The winner of this giveaway will be announced next Monday, October 4th. Be sure to check back tomorrow for another amazing giveaway from one of your favorite artists!