September 17, 2010

mind your music: anathallo

It's September officially, and when the nights gets a little colder and there is a wistful sigh among the trees ... i find myself listening to Anathallo.

Dokkoise House (With Face Covered)
Who Are They: The Michigan ensemble plays almost every instrument know to man. Their music is a study in contrast - dark and playful - spritely and haunting. Listening to them causes me to be overwhelmed with everything from my own childhood to those strange far away places from fairy tales. All a little dark, all little hopeful. It's truly unique.

They are also one of my most favorite live shows ever.

Favorite Songs: Both "Floating World" and "Canopy Glow" are gorgeous. i really think of their albums as whole pieces instead of individual songs. The words are poetry and the music philosophical in a way that demands to be listened to in one setting.

The Angry Neighbor
Makes Me Think Of/ Feels Like: Chinese fairy tales, forgotten memories, snow in the evenings, lost friendships, and open souls.

Beautiful and surreal photography by Brooke Shaden,Michael Bailey-Gates , and Lissy Elle

Anathallo will make your fall magic. I promise.

- Jenna