September 10, 2010

ffffound: meh owlphabet print

So occasionally... I Google myself (admit it, you do it too!). Imagine my shock and happiness when I literally stumbled upon my owlphabet print on!

Okay, I do not know much about how ffffound works, but from what I can gather: ffffound = neato awesome indie hipster art design goodness (all of which are good things, in my opinion).

Whomever submitted my owlphabet, thanks a bunch! I know feel worthy of wearing skinny jeans with vintage boots and long shaggy bangs. I know that I sounds tongue n cheek when I say this, but seriously, I feel cool now. End of story.

I hope that everyone has a fantabulous weekend, full of pumpkin spice lattes and caviar dreams. I really am thankful for every person out there who takes the time to read my little blog.