September 20, 2010

boo (did i scare you?)

Highslide JS

Hello! How was your weekend? Mine was fine, thank you very much for asking! I spent the whole weekend doing a whole lot of nothing! Seriously, I cannot remember the last time my weekend was so relaxing! And it was much needed. I tend to try and fill every moment of every day being productive. However, that can get old really fast.

Nathan and I did *attempt* some landscaping this weekend. Which resulted in Nathan hurting his back. By Sunday Violet was sick with a fever. Now that I think of it, maybe my weekend was not as relaxing as I thought it was!

The little ghost above is my only attempt at Halloween doodles. It looks a bit like a pac-man with a bag over his head, no? I should tell you about my upbringing in regards to Halloween. You might laugh.

But I will save that story for when it feels more like fall.

How was your weekend? Seriously? I want to hear details, people!