September 22, 2010

i love you, need you, but to i really have to have you?

I rarely "window shop" anymore. Nathan and I are on a fairly tight budget, so I tend to not even browse some of my favorite online shops. But today, my mouse wondered over to Urban Outfitter's Apartment Section. My eye was immediately drawn to their "Mid-Century Modern" furniture collection. Here are some of my favorite items:
Yes, these items are beautiful. The reviews are strong. Classic lines. The words "Danish" and "Tweed" are the bait. The lovely muted colors are the line. The prices are the sinker. However, I cannot help but shake the feeling that these pieces are simply "on trend" for the moment.

I truly admire Mid-Century Furniture, yet am no expert. However, in the blog world, it seems more often than not, "Mid-Century" is the "it word" of the moment. Do these affordable "knock-offs" (well, there has to be a better word than knock-offs, as these are unique and lovely on their own) cheapen the intrinsic love and value of actual Mid-Century items?

Do you love them because Urban Outfitters loves them?
They tell you that you need to have them?

Food for thought. How often to we readily accept that we like something because we are told that said item is cool? I look beyond Mid-Century Furniture and think about trends in general. Will I really love all of the items and artwork in my home 1, 5, 10 years from now?

I recently read a post from Rachel Denbow's blog which said, that she is on a mission to only have things in her home that she is smitten with. What a fantastic notion! Her home is absolutely jam packed full of the most gorgeous, hand picked, thoughtfully arranged Mid-Century and Handmade items.

I want to love my own home and items as much as she loves hers.

So, Urban Outfitters. for now I am still browsing. Your furniture is lovely. But until I am absolutely "smitten" with your Danish Modern Coffee Table, I will only be window shopping.

Sorry for all of the quotation marks. I hope that this does not come across as preachy. Simply my own lack-of-coffee induced ramblings for the day.

(image credit: Urban Outfitters)