September 7, 2010

this past weekend: blue man group

My sweet husband and I were so privileged to have a few brief hours to ourselves to go see the Blue Man Group Live in Fayetteville this past Sunday. They are kicking off their new tour in Arkansas, of all places. It was beyond entertaining!

Nathan and I have fond memories associated with the Blue Man Group. 8 years ago we were both members of our small school's band. I played the clarinet, and Nathan the tuba. Our 30 member band participated in a band contest in Chicago, Illinois. We voted on the sites to see during the trip. I was the only vote for the Art Museum (whimper). However, everyone did agree upon seeing the Blue Man Group in concert, followed by a lovely trip to the Navy Pier.

Nathan and I were not dating at the time (he was dating a friend of mine, but she was not on this trip... hehe). My future husband was so excited to see the Blue Man Group that he and 4 of his fellow band geeks painted their faces blue! I have a picture, but silly me, I only had black and white film in my camera at the time, so the effect is lost! He was adorably exuberant! Did I mention that I had admired Nathan from afar for several years prior to this trip? I must say, I was smitten!

If you are familiar with the Blue Man Group, you know that they have these incredible homemade instruments made from pvc pipe. Once we returned from our trip, Nathan and his buddies got to work on making their own pvc instruments. They were cool, especially for a group of 18 year old boys.

Yesterday, Nathan and I reminisced about our Chicago trip. He was sad that his mother had sold his Blue Man Group instrument in a garage sale. I admitted that the entire year of band I never actually played a note of music on my clarinet (sorry Mr. Edwards). My clarinet had broken earlier in the school year, so I just coasted off of the musicality of my fellow clarinetists.

Yes, I was a musical mooch. 

And, I have noticed and loved my husband's every quirk even before he noticed and loved me back.