September 2, 2010

office inspiration

Image source: craftyhues, first seen on paper'n'stitch


I have this problem. I am a chronic re-arranger. I am never satisfied with my furniture placement! I have never had a set office area either. I have been "set up" in the dining room for the past 6 months. That has been alright, except my house is a constant wreck. I want my own space. But it is difficult to carve out a proper work space with no extra money to spend on furniture and no spare rooms.

We are going to give it a go and once again turn the guest room into my office. I have spent the better portion of the evening rearranging furniture and trying to come up with a space solution.

I really like the above image. It is pretty and cohesive. I think that I need a cohesive, peaceful space.

Do any of you have a proper office?